29 January 2010

Why you should NOT let Teenagers loose with a camera!

Just for fun....

Here is the very reason teenagers should never be allowed free use of a camera/video, and be left unsupervised. After posting TDs GCSE music performance last week here, I thought I should let you see the flip side to having such musical geniuses amongst us (haha..!), and what can happen when it all goes horribly wrong.
This video of outtakes was originally posted on youtube by my 18 yr old son, after their many, many (Oh.So.Many) evenings of rehearsals for music exams. I find it quite funny and it never ever fails to make me smile!

PS. Please feel free to put your fingers in your ears whenever necessary!!


  1. Wish I'd have access to a video camera at that age! They're funny aren't they. Thinking of you. xx

  2. Priceless. watched it with my gals too, they loved it, your kids look to be really fab people.

  3. That is very special, I will be showing my girls!

  4. LOl, they are cool and creative kids for sure.

  5. was this because you were present they seem a little distracted and self conscious.. ?sp? That reminds me to look on youtube for my sons band my daughter let slip he is on there.....oh dear what will l find?

    thanks fro dropping by....I have followed you....

    great blog you have here!!

    its good to have our own 'place'

    saz x aka FFF

  6. chic mama: I know, we missed out didnt we??

    missbehaving: I think they are fab! but then I'm biased.

    DulwichD: It ALWAYS makes me smile!

    Ju: Yes, I agree, they are are pretty creative.

    FFF: Spot on! I was just off camera, but only occasionally, to make tea! or was it wine??! So they do appear a little self conscious, but funny with it!