26 January 2011

The Gallery - Children; A Debating 'tag' Team

I have four children. I have four very individual children who over the years have given me reason to scream, cry, rant, rave, laugh, hug, giggle, whoop with delight and burst with pride. 

Having four, quite close in age (17, 19, 20 & 23), has of course resulted in a fair few moments of extreme high drama over the years. When they were younger the dramas tended to revolve around who had what toy, who was playing with it first and who got Mummy's attention. Straightforward, childlike arguments which I could deal with in a simple, no nonsense way.

As they've gotten older it has become much more complex. More to do with who said what to whom and quite often the way in which things have been said. Having four highly articulate young adults in the house I often feel more like the Head of a debating 'tag' team than their Mother. 
I don't have a naughty step or a time out option anymore. Although I will secretly admit to occasional bouts of nostalgia for those simpler times, just to make it easier.

Having said that, here are the good parts, just in case you thought there weren't any. 

Because what has emerged is their ability to discuss. To listen and to be heard. To make themselves understood over the maelstrom of many voices. To hold a thought until the right moment. They understand about respecting other's views even if they disagree with them (often!)  Their right to hold an opinion and for others to hold a different one (also often!). A realisation that through discussion, even if heated, and believe me, many a time I have left the room just to bang my head in frustration, most situations can be resolved. Either that or they just take the piss out of each other...and agree to disagree!

I sometimes look on in amazement. 

They also have the most incredible ability to forgive each other. They don't hold grudges. Ever. Probably an unrealistic view of the world, and the people in it, but I love that about them. Within hours of arguments they will be talking with each other as though nothing had happened. I know they will always have each other to turn to and that makes me very happy...

This is a photo of a photo, having been taken on my old film SLR, so apologies for the quality. But I had to use this one as it's one of my favourite pictures of them together.
This post and photo are for this weeks theme of Children on The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. 
Get clicky on the links and have a look, there are some truly wonderful pictures and posts.

19 January 2011

The Gallery - Mother Nature: A Gentle Wonder

This weeks Gallery prompt from Tara at Sticky Fingers is Mother Nature.

And I have the most wonderful example right on my doorstep. 

Something, which at first sight can appear so serene, calm and gentle, yet hidden beneath the beauty, something which is capable of unleashing a power so ferocious and wild it can take your breath away. 

A truly glorious force of nature which never fails to amaze and fascinate me...

13 January 2011

Help in Channel 4 'Parents & Teens' series. Participants...Interested?

I've received an email from a Brighton based company wanting to find Parents and Teens who might be interested in taking part in a new channel 4 series. 
They would be dealing with the issues of drugs, sex and alcohol using expert advice, to help and encourage opening up discussions between Parents and Teens. 

Until you have Teens in the house, and I'm on number four now, you don't realise how even the simplest of conversations can spiral out of control and end up with nothing of any use being discussed, understood or resolved!

'Essentially we are looking for parents who might be worried about what their teen is getting up to, they want to talk to them about it but find it hard to know what to say. Or, teenagers who are experimenting and want to help their parents understand their point of view more.'

They're on a very tight deadline and are trying to find families to take part in the next week or so. I'm not personally taking part in it, but wanted to post it here, for any Bloggy Parents who feel they'd be interested in participating. If you are, and for more information please contact Sue Edwards directly, using her details below.

Sue Edwards
Assistant Producer
01273 224800

*This NOT a sponsored post - I'm just sharing it for anyone who may be interested*

11 January 2011

The Gallery - A lovely pair...

The Gallery prompt this week is 'Body Parts'. Make sure you pop over to Sticky Fingers and have a look at all the other entries as I have a feeling Tara may well have opened up a whole can of worms, I'm sure this weeks crop of photos is going to make VERY interesting viewing!

Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting a photo of my overly abundant DD boobs, but I am not going to stick them on here, I'm so not brave enough for that. So you'll have to make do with a different 'pair' of body parts. 

My knees. In Greece, on a gloriously lazy, sunny afternoon, having a little relax on the beach...
Obviously the rest of me was also present, y'know, my knees weren't there on their own or anything, that would just be weird...

6 January 2011

Preview New Disney Film...

I've just received an invitation to see the new Disney film 'Tangled', released on 28th January, via SeeFilmFirst.
Unfortunately, looking at the website it doesn't appear to be showing in Brighton, and my teens are probably all a little old for this film anyway. So I thought I would add the link to the website for you lot with younger ones, there may be some tickets available in your area. The showings are previews and are completely free, but you do have to register with SeeFilmFirst, no real hardship. They then send emails when new films come out. I've been to a few in Brighton. Just click on the link below and it will take you to the website...


*This is NOT a sponsored post. Just thought some of you may be able to make use of it*