19 January 2010

Five memorable moments & Stories & songs Meme..

Love Bay - Poros

Slap my wrists, I have been very remiss and I'm now trying to catch up on two tags.

The delightful Dulwich Divorce tagged me with 'Five memorable moments' of 2009, and the ever busy Babyrambles (I applaud you, how on earth are you finding time to blog? Go and have a lay down lovely lady, you're making me tired!) has tagged me with a Stories and Songs Meme, started by Brits in Bosnia

2009, an interesting year. The first has to be from May, when I took Early Severance from my Civil Service career of 28 years. I was only 19 yrs old when I started (a baby) This was a huge decision for me, us civil servants are (were) creatures of habit & like the comfort of a healthy, steady wage. Yes it was a choice, I wasn't pushed. But the job had changed so much over the years, and I truly wasn't enjoying it anymore, so I saw it as a chance to try something completely different. I still haven't found out quite what that is yet, but luckily the redundancy package has given me time to explore.

As a celebration of leaving one phase of my life and starting a new one, I booked the holiday of a lifetime. A beautiful villa called Lemon Tree House, for 10, on the stunningly beautiful Greek island of Poros. Just a little background here. We are not a huge travelling round the world type family. More the sort of stay at home, camping, caravan type. A few week long trips to France over the years, and should I say this out loud? 2 of my children had never even been on a plane! Shock, horror!
So, for us, this holiday was a huge deal. The 6 of us, and a friend each for the kids. My OH had visited Greece before, including Poros, but it was a first for the rest of us.
It was the most perfectly glorious and relaxed 2 weeks....memories which myself, OH and the children will hold dear forever.

My lovely, lovely OH, very chilled! - Poros

My beautiful family & their friends - Poros

In August, my Beautiful Teenage Daughter, my baby, turned 16, and left school. My last one! So I spent a memorable 10mins, in my car, alone, on her GCSE results day, reminiscing and getting misty eyed, on what had gone before, and what was still to come. Bittersweet.

Surprise memory. I discovered I could make a little money from my Art, who knew?!

And thanks to the lovely Emily at Maternal Tales, for an 'Oooh' moment memory, when my eyes were opened to the world of Blogging.

Moving on to the 'Stories and Songs Meme'

I'll try and make it a quickie, before you start falling asleep....

Early 1977 was the year we moved house, yet again. I was 15 yrs old, and within days had found out that in the house behind us, lived a gorgeous, blond, 15 yr old boy. I then developed the biggest, hugest ever crush, my first real crush that wasn't a teeny pop band of some sort, in the way only a romantic 15 yr old girl can. You know the one, the "I can't possibly live without him!"... "Nobody will ever love him the way I do!" kind of way.
We had albums & cassettes back in the day, and the two I played incessantly (oh my poor mother) were Rod stewarts 'Smiler' and Blondies 'Plastic Letters'. I would play them and gaze, longingly out of my bedroom window, dreaming.
By Spring, I had plucked up the courage to talk with him :::swoon::sigh::.
Come the summer we were best friends.
By my 16th Birthday party, at the end of the following February, we were 'together'... yes, put your fingers in your ears and sing loudly "tralalalalala" *cough*....he was my first.....*blush*

During that February of 1978, the single released by Blondie, which reached No 2 in the charts was 'Denis Denis'...


........The name of my First Love?...



I kid you not...I couldn't make it up if I tried. Although, admittedly, it does sound a little better in French!

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  1. Such a nice post. I love reading from someone who got there, the teen years, and is surviving, with laughter along the way. You do inspire us young mums. Thanks for the tag.


  2. A very busy year. The holiday sounds lovely. Thanks for the tag, need to think hard. ;0)

  3. Great post. Glad to see you chose retirement early to enjoy more of life.

  4. I love the story, and Dennis does sound a whole lot better in French! Thanks for doing the tag, I'm really enjoying reading about the moments that people are writing about. Although, as I've said elsewhere, everyone has songs that are so emotional, so full of meaning to them, and I chose a song which was all about when I couldn't get a nice cup of coffee...

  5. A great post, that holiday sounds lovely. I'm just thinking how funny it would have sounded if Debbie Harry sang 'Dennis, Dennis' instead! (and yes I probably do need a lie down, typing this one-handed with wiggly 19 month old on lap!).

  6. Hello sweetie. Aah - holiday sounds fab and I do so love that photo of OH!! If only it were Summer all year round hey?! Love that song Denis Denis - how hilarious about the name of your first boyfriend. Love it. Thanks for the tag beautiful - will get my thinking cap on. Big, big kiss xxxxxx