21 January 2010

No, I've got nothing....So something for your ears instead...

Grrr..this is so frustrating. I have absolutely no inspiration for a post, funny or otherwise.

Obviously I must be living an extremely boring, mundane life at present.

Nope, still nothing....::sigh::...I was hoping if I just kept writing something would come to me, but no...Hmmph...

So I'm going to post a music track, not just any old track though. Someone very dear to my heart. Just to while away the time, you know, whilst waiting....

No, I've still got nothing....

It's my beautiful TDs GCSE Music practical perfomance. Which she took in May 2009. Her 18yr old brother played guitar for her, with TD singing. The exam board gives you 1 hour and as many attempts as you need, but no editing on the recording.

And in case you're mildly curious, she got a B, even with the hiccup on the lyrics!

So sit back, turn up those speakers and enjoy.....I'll be back once I've unclogged the old brain cells....


  1. Brighton Mum - I'm right there with you - the brain just isn't working right for some reason.....enjoyed the music. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. WOWWWWWWWW! My Hubby is a guitarist and so are my two sons. We've all just been crowded around listening to the amazing guitar playing and that beeyoootiful voice!

    You have incredibly talented children. Now I'm off to tout this on Twitter :)

  3. Me too in a non functioning brain zone,I think it's winter! but loved the music, thank you.

  4. What a talented bunch you are!! Brilliant. Impressive. Lxx

  5. Your daughter is a fantastic singer....x