6 January 2010

A favourite Photo Meme

Ju from DoubleTrouble Maia and Laras blog has tagged me with "a favorite photo meme" which means I have to find a favourite out of the 1000s of photos I have...Eeekk!
Luckily, about 3 months ago we treated ourselves to a scanner and I spent a nostalgic 3-4 days(!) scanning all my old & new photos into the computer. Wonderfully atmospheric black & white shots of my grand-parents, family members long gone but not forgotten. I had such fun!

But this meme has caused a little dilemma, which one to choose? Mmm?
I have some lovely ones of the children, and they are snapshots of memories to cherish forever, but still I couldn't choose just one out of so many, as I do have so many children!! OMG!...Which one?!...Nope, I can't do it!

I finally stopped dithering around, because I came back to this one quite a few times. Plus there was the 'Family Joke' which still makes me smile now, and was always said when anyone saw it......

This is me aged 4 (I'm the younger one) and my cousin Kim, 7, at London Zoo in 1966. Probably because we lived fairly close by, in Kilburn Park, and it was only a few tube stops, we went fairly often. It was always a whole day out for us as a family, and I remember we aways saw the 'Chimps Tea Party'. Of course this would never, ever happen today, and I believe it stopped in 1972. But it was a different era, I'm not sure anyone even thought it might be cruel for the chimps, and as little ones we certainly had no thoughts of that.

When I look at this photo all I remember is just the sheer joy of those trips.

Probably a very un-PC photo for me to choose, but for me it's about the warm, happy carefree feelings it represents....

And before anyone else says it, Haha...yes, it is me & my cousin, and I have absolutely no idea who the two children are! (The Family joke!!)::

Now I have to pass this on, so here goes. To
Gigisrambling, chicmama, maternaltales, expatmum and Modernmom

...have fun ladies!


  1. That is a great photo, and it really does envoke memories for me too... only thing is are you sure your not my Mum cos you look a lot like her in this picture!

  2. Many, many thanks for the tag! Beautiful picture! I actually have a picture in mind for mine....but since my computer died :-( I'll have to re-scan it first. I'm sure you've backed up all those pictures you just scanned in.......

  3. Pippa: I'm sure I'd remember if I was your mum!!

    Gigi: I don't think I did back them up, but I have NOW!

  4. What a great choice! Glad you took part. You girls look too cute.

  5. I love this photo and the story behind it. Absolutely perfect.
    Ju sent your link my way as I am collecting all these entries together to form a sort gallery/album of all the entries. Many thanks for taking part x

  6. I love it, can't believe they used to do that at London Zoo. What a great memory. I've been looking at those photo scanners recently, I would love to scan all the old photos in and ones of the children before digital cameras.
    Thanks for the tag. x

  7. What a fantastic photo! A gorgeous memory too. I took my eldest to see the elephants being washed when she was about 2, and of course she was much more interested in the pigeons ....haven't tried since!