28 June 2010

SO true..What goes around...

My beautiful, independant TD decided today she wanted her hair cut and dyed blonde, for a completely different look. So whilst OH, my Mum and myself went for a leisurely lunch at a local park, she had a friend come round to help her with the cutting and applying of bleach (not sure why she didn't ask me for cash to go to a hairdressers?!).

Before we left, she'd told me she was going to have a few inches off, have some layers added and "Is it okay if I go blonde all over?"
I replied with what I felt were quite wise words...Hah! Don't you sometimes wish you could just stuff them back in!!

"Aww! Darling..thanks for asking me, but really, you're nearly 17, it's your hair and you're the one wearing it, so you're the one who should decide. If that's what you want"

Phone call received by OH, 5mins after leaving the house, and relayed to me while still driving to the park.

"TD wants to know if you're okay with her having her hair cut like Mollie's?"

"SHIT!! F**K"
.....actually that was in my head, what came out my mouth sounded more like this.. 

"Ermmmmmmmmmmm? errrr...welllllll...um?" 

While my brain was engaged in some very rapid thinking. Could I go back on what I'd already said? Yes? No? Maybe? Would that just give her the message that I wasn't 'truly' ready to give her responsibility for making her own choices? And about something so personal as the way she looks? Worse still, was she asking me because she wanted me to say no?...Or yes?...and oh, all her long, thick hair...*sniff*

With my Mum in the car I was reminded, fleetingly, of all my experiments with multi colours, and, to say the least, rather dodgy looking haircuts I'd had at a similar age, and thought sod it, it's only hair, it'll grow back!

"Tell her, of course I'm fine with it" But I'm sure it came out more like a squeak..

Bright red, close cut and shaved over one side is how it ended up, sort of like Mollie's...
It's fine...*sniff*
And my Mum? She just grinned serenely from the back of the car "It's only hair....."

17 June 2010


Yay! TD has been offered a place at City College in Brighton on a 3 year Catering & Hospitality course starting in Sept.
This is brilliant news. It was something she originally had the 'Option' to take in years 10 and 11. But it would've meant giving up her 4 GCSE options in other subjects.  It was an 'either or' scenario. She decided, and we agreed, that it was a very narrow and limiting choice, to only take one subject at that point.
She loves baking, is into cooking and in fact cooked this evenings meal of Chicken Korma, rice and cabbage & peas from scratch...Lovely girl!!

But I'm going to give you a heads up here, in case any of your offspring are thinking of embarking down a similar path anytime soon, or even the distant future. Consider yourself warned.


That's the cost of the equipment list supplied to us. It wasn't a huge suprise really, it's about what we were expecting.
Unless of course you happen to be of the 'Male' variety, because then it's only £343.09
It's cheaper if you have dangly parts? But that's sort of okay too, as we females are used to paying a little bit extra for those essential items in life, like...
Shoes..bags...shoes...and...oh yes, maybe more shoes.
But the thing that made me snort with laughter?? 
The 'Optional Item' listed....
Go on, have a look at the photo, I've even ringed it in red for you...

...for the princely sum of.... £3.25 you too can have an optional 'Spoon shaped spatula'...or not?

Erm..well, I'm not quite sure we can to stretch to that...

Oh, also, just an aside...have a closer look, just how many different types of cloths do they need?

A heart full of love....

This is my photo heart. It's great isn't it??
It's been created on a brilliant site, called shapecollage.com where you get to use any of your photos and play about choosing shapes, and a big bonus is it's really quick and simple to use. 
I was considering using it as my entry for The Gallery yesterday, but then changed my mind..blah..blah..
But I loved this image so much I had to post it...
You'll need to click on it to have a closer looky-see...

*Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post. I just had so much fun playing with it I wanted to share*

16 June 2010

The Gallery - Motherhood


The theme this week at Sticky Fingers is 'Motherhood'. 

I've been doing this motherhood job for a bit now. 22 and a half years to be exact. 
It is without a doubt, the hardest, longest but most rewarding job in the world.
I could've posted lovely, pretty photos of babies (I have 1000's like we all do!) but instead am going to show you what you get after all the sleepless nights, poo and pee related fun, toddler tantrums and schooling struggles. 
With lots of love, much encouragement, guidance and patience, you get the absolute pleasure of knowing you have been part of the most amazing journey. That you have helped the once tiny, helpless little bundle of joy develop into an independant, healthy happy adult....
...What more could you ask for?
So for all you loving, hardworking mums of still little ones out there, here is a photo of my four 'grown up' (ish) babies. Embrace and relish the journey, trust me, it's a hell of a ride!
 'Mighty oaks from little acorns grow'

Make sure you pop over and check out all the entries this week....

4 June 2010

Bog Roll on the Blog Roll

If you are a frequent visitor of Blogs you will have heard about 'The Gallery' at Sticky Fingers.
Of course if you happen to live in a cave or somewhere similarly dark and barren, or a tent in a field or...Oh, you do? Okay, in that case I shall briefly enlighten you. 
T'is a wonderful place, The Gallery. A virtual gallery full of photos posted by bloggers from all over the world based on a prompt set once a week by the lovely Tara.

This week, whilst perusing all the brilliant entries, and leaving comments, I happened upon this one by Nickie at Typecast, which started a string of comments about how this particular subject matter might well be a fun and wonderfully silly thing to do. One of the comments, left by Jenny at Mummy Mishaps even came up with the very apt and witty name for this post.

I want pictures of your Loo Rolls.  Yes, seriously, I do, I do!

Do you have issues with your tissues?
Apparently many people are anal about whether it rolls from the back or the front. Eh? What? Really? (No, not you in the tent!) Are you hung up on the colour. Or do you really not give a s**t. Are you a closet, or out and proud, toilet tissue snob?
Does it have to be quilted or must you have puppies on it? I personally always feel rather sad for the ickle puppies. 
Or will any old crap do, as it's all just going down the pan anyway?
Do you have a secret stash for those toilet related emergencies?
Are you the owner of a EU size mountain of the stuff, stockpiling it in the manner of Nickie, who appears to have insider knowledge that the 'End of The World is Nigh' and of course the most important item is..err...loo roll?
Maybe you want to get creative with a loo roll (..or not?) Take a photo and link it. Of course you can just take a bog standard pic of your loo roll on/in its holder, or under the dolly with its knitted dress on if you feel so inclined. Just share it. 

You can do a post if you prefer, a rant, rave or whinge like I did here, about how many you get through, and why they never, ever seem to get changed by anyone but us Mums (cos obviously no one else in the house has hands or bums). Feel free. But it doesn't have to be a post - just a picture with a link to your blog is fine. As long as it involves Bog Rolls, get it on here! It's all a bit of fun...

If you feel the urge and want join in, all you have to do is click on the Mr Mcklinky link below, and link a photo (or post) of your Bog roll/s.  It's that simple.
Here's mine..she is a thing of beauty. Big and curvaceous in all the right places, impressively smooth and rounded with ample room for many...
Okay *tut* it's the holder I'm talking about, but it still counts...
Also, have a closer look. Have you spotted it yet? 
The roll is sideways on. The paper rolls 'over the top' and 'under'. *gasp*
...now that's a real dilemma for some of you...I can almost feel you twitching from here...

Actually just the thought of lots of bloggers trying to capture images of their loo rolls makes me giggle like a small child *snort*. 
Because in all honesty, who doesn't love a bit of toilet humour?
So 'roll up-roll up' and start clicking... 

3 June 2010

Join in 'Bog Roll on the Blog Roll' - This Friday 4th June

Tomorrow, Friday 4th June, I am hosting a Photo linky thingy, hopefully with a real Mcklinky to go clicky clicky on. So today/tonight/tomorrow, all you lovely bloggers get your cameras/phones out and take a snap of your Loo Roll/s. You can write a post if you wish, or not, just a pic linked to your blog is fine, anything bog roll related will do.
Come back on Friday and pop your link (fingers crossed linky works) to whatever you've come up with, on to the 'Bog Roll on the Blog Roll' post and we can all have a bit of a giggle...
Summer madness eh??

2 June 2010

The Gallery - Still Life; Olives? Love 'em or hate 'em...

The theme for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week is 'Still Life'. 

I like this one.
This is a series of photos taken one lazy Sunday lunch time. When my children were either with their Dad or out and about (I can't remember which) and on a whim we popped to a local organic Deli that sells lunches and is so close it may as well be next door, so no effort involved!

The subject in most of the photos is olives.

Now olives are one of those things a bit like marmite, you either love 'em or hate 'em. 
My OH loves them, I hate them. Which is perfect, he gets to eat all mine too!

So tell me, are you a lover or a hater??