17 January 2010

The return of the Mobile/Cell phone...It's Love

I have just returned a mobile/cell phone to its rightful owner.

It was alone and probably quite lonely
with no one to talk to, but I kept it safe & warm. Although I think it may have wanted to be turned on, touched and stroked, with maybe a little prodding here and there, which of course would have caused it to produce lovely happy, enjoyable little chirps of pleasure.

Instead it has been silently residing in my handbag for 12 whole days...and that's an eternity for a normally gregarious little phone, who is more used to an extremely active lifestyle of images, loud music, texting, msn, facebook and the odd 100 hrs of conversation.

I only hope that, for this little phones future wellbeing, now that it is back home with its one true love...

...aaahhh....altogether now....

......that it's owner will now continue to stick to the rules, attend college when expected to and certainly not lie about
not attending when confronted...

Here's hoping for a very contented little phone....


  1. Wow, how was their reaction at that punishment?
    I really think I need lessons from you and Gigi on how to gain respect and order. It's all going to pot here....a post is coming about my angst with 15yr old son.
    I hope things aren't too bad with you. xx

  2. TD was not impressed at first, obviously, but then went on the defensive by saying 'you can keep it then!' I gave it back tonight on the condition that the FIRST time she missed another lesson I take it back. We'll see, time will tell. But on a positive note, she was at college for EVERY lesson last week while I had it, so....
    And I'll send you a quick email with the other news xx

  3. *tee-hee* I LOVE the way modern technology has provided us parents with plenty of tools for bribery.

    I confiscated my 16-year old's X-Box controller pads the other day without his knowledge. He hadn't done the jobs I'd asked him to do and gone out to meet his friend. I went into his room and just removed them, disturbing nothing else at all. He returned with said friend in tow and was mortified when he realised what I'd done.

    Needless to say, the jobs were completed without argument and the pads were appropriately returned.

    I know how to hit him where it hurts ;-)

  4. Nickie: You go girl! We have to use everything we have to hand. I've also done that, having 3 boys & a girl (now 16) I've confiscated whole x-boxes/TVs/DVD players until they play ball. Cause & effect. They hate you at the time, but in the long run they learn. First time I've done it with a phone though.

  5. LOL! Am just catching up on blogs and have obviously missed what transpired for you to take the phone....but yes, we do what we must. I've been known to take the playstation controllers and the remote to work with me. Works like a charm.....I have a friend who even brought the house phone with her to work....as wily as they think they are - we must be one step ahead at all times! Aaah - it's great to be back have missed you all!!!!

  6. Can I just ask, what age is considered about right to get one's own phone ?

    I have a sulky nine year old who is well put out cos many of his friends have one and I said "not yet".

    Am I being horribly old fashioned expecting him to direct communications via the clunky, unlovable, beyond-the-pale thing in the living room ?

  7. Oooh...thats a tricky one. TD was in secondary school when she got her first one, so was maybe 11/12, I think? She was travelling to/from school on her own, instead of at primary school, where we walked, 5 mins, together there and back. It was only a 15min bus ride, but of course that sometimes involved her stopping at a friends after school, so it meant I could keep in touch with her. Personally, and its only my opinion, I think you're right, 9 seems too young. Or maybe I'm just ancient & old fashioned!