5 February 2010

Hot and Cold Teens and a Nod to the Dog!

Why oh why are Teenagers so bloody dramatic?!.....Sheesh!!

TD hates college, this evening she's loving it....huh? what did I miss?
Her Art tutor is "actually, sort of okay", last week she was "the bitch from hell who hates me and a devil woman" (TD's words)...
She hates her hair, last week after bleaching her fringe, it was "awesome!!"...
A month ago she had it cut shorter, now she wants extensions!
She loves her BFF, tonight she vented for an hour about what a pain in the arse one of them is "OMG!"
No worries, they'll be BFF again by Monday...

Of course, me, being the perfect Mum to Teens, that you know and love...*cough..splutter*
did a truly impressive nodding dog impersonation, you'd have all been so proud of me.

"Uh huh....Oh....that's too bad....yes I know....really?...Oh no...Oh dear...Mmmm?...." and nodded my little head off, till it was in danger of dropping off & rolling out the back door...

If you value your relationship with your teen daughter, or even just life as you know it, a word of caution. DO NOT OFFER ADVICE....under ANY circumstances....I promise you, from experience, it will come back and bite you in a painful place....

Take the drama on the chin....and just NOD!


  1. At least you get the "scoop" about what is going on. Teen-age boy? All you get is grunts and groans. I once asked what was going on at school. Nothing was the response. I said Surely something happened. Nope. Totally frustrated I said So just What do you talk about with your friends? Nothing. Arrrrgggggh!!!

  2. Haha! Oh I so agree about teen boys! Nothing at all, I know. I believe Teen girls are a completely separate species altogether! It honestly is all drama drama drama...but god help you if you dare make any suggestions.

  3. So contrary....I remember being like that! Oh hold on I think I still am sometimes!
    I will take your advice when I get there....it sounds like the only option to take. ;0) xx

  4. So true. My daugher is 25 and everyday is like being at an amusement park. I feel like I am riding the roller coaster. When she is down, I can truly feel the rush of wind on my face as I head straight down to the ground head first. When she is happy, I feel the hot sunshine warming my face and a lovely breeze as I head up to the top of the ride. Riding at the top is usually short lived and then without warning....YIKES.

    I feel your pain. Great advice, nothing we say will be right anyway.

  5. Oh you are so right! I am such an expert at the whole nodding thing that I could replace the Churchill dog in those adverts

  6. HI, I run another blog other Than FFF..
    mad manic mamas, for parents of teenage terrorists... and l dont use the term loosely!

    this post would be fab there...can we copy it and link back to you? pretty please...

    if you'd like to be a regular contributor let us know..

    the link in on my side bar....



    saz x

  7. I agree on the nodding front. Course, you do sometimes have to be careful in case you nod in the wrong place and unknowingly agree to a 10 person sleepover or some sort of weird piercing.....

  8. CM: So true. I think us females are just born to be contrary!

    Respectfully Yours: So there's no end in sight, oh dear god! help!

    Selina: Ooh yes! the churchill dog! absolutely!

    FFF: Teen Terrorists...the perfect description! By all means, post it to MMM, it would be my pleasure.

    The Mother of this lot: Yes, there is a danger of that, in fact I think that may have happened before, followed by a rapid backtrack on my part!

  9. What I have noticed with my youngest daughter who is 17, she comes in from school and all my questions are met with grunts or complete ignorance, then after about half an hour she is so animated it is annoying! Weird aren't they?

  10. Oh dear...my tiny girls already do that... I'm scared.

  11. You are so right, nodding dog is all you can do. I offered advice once, won't make that mistake again. LOL. The awesome thing though is, when there are 'up' when they are 'tuned in tapped in turned on', when they remember you are an actual person, aren't they FABULOUS!
    When it's good it's great innit?

  12. Well - loads of respect to you! Mine are just small and already I'm tearing my hair out. I like your blog - just found you but think I'll follow you for a while....