3 January 2010

Welcome back to the real world!!

All the Christmas & New Year celebrations are now over and done with, so its all back to normal here. The cards are gone, the tree is down and all the decorations have been put away for another year. I'm sure we are all at least 5lb heavier than we were ::groan::... and we still have tins of chocolates/sweets/biscuits to get through!

Of course normality here means that TD is now attempting to fit almost 2 weeks worth of Art & Photography coursework into 2 days! I know, nothing really changes, does it?
To be honest, TD has done a few bits & pieces, but not nearly enough. So the race is on...
Oh well, at least those leftover tins may come in handy....I feel she may need that sugar rush!

So, are you all back to normal now?


  1. Oh dear, it does sound as though our tumble dryers may have the same problem. ;0)) xx

  2. As of tomorrow we are back to normal. ::sigh:: back to work for me and YAY-back to school for man-child. Hmmmmm-wonder if I could call in sick.....

  3. Happy New Year!! Gosh, I still haven't taken the tree or cards down but here in the sofa, we are also eating the chocs left over.
    Hope TD gets her things done.

  4. I should have just rubbed the fruit and nut toblerones into my thighs, thats where they've ended up. Still, I did phone up and enquire about a yoga class, so I'm very nearly thin now :)

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