7 January 2010

Creative Juices...Gone AWOL?

Over the last month or so, due to one thing or another I seem to have misplaced my creative juices. They had definitely gone AWOL...

Thankfully, over the last few days, I'm not sure why, I have started to remember where I left them..or at least I think I might remember...erm.. ?

I made these two pieces, to sell in my eBay shop in preparation for Valentines Day.....

I love them, but then I have to say that, don't I? But I am definitely feeling a tad wobbly about those damn juices doing a complete runner again.

Please, let me know what you think...and yes, I realise that makes me sound a little needy, I did just tell you I was a bit wobbly! Indulge me....

Do I have my 'creative mojo' back? Or should I just keep on looking.....because we all know that saying 'it's always in the last place you look' and maybe I haven't got to the last place yet....


  1. They're stunning. Love them. I see where your daughter gets her talent from....and when you 'pretend' not to enjoy getting covered in dye helping her with her course work we will know that it's not the case. ;0)
    Haven't you had enough to worry about recently..no wonder you weren't feeling very creative.
    Hope you are ok. xx

  2. ChicMama: Thank you very much! and I have to 'pretend' not to enjoy getting covered in dye, or she would try to get me doing all of it (but, YUP, I do love it, you caught me out!!!)

  3. Totally love them! Didn't realize you did these kinds of things! Were can I go look at all your talent?

  4. Gigi: Thank you! So far, I've only had them on ebay, but I hadn't made any in at least 5-6 weeks, just selling the ones already made. But if you want to look at them, and a few of the ones I've already sold, they're on ebay as karenannenewhouse (ebay UK) xx

  5. Oh so beautiful, I love them xxx I will def look at your shop on ebay

  6. They are stunning! I wish I had creativity like that! They are so modern! I love it!

  7. Really really like them, specially the first one. You will sell them like hot buns, have you tried http://www.etsy.com/ ?

    Good luck!

  8. wow they look beautiful. Where can I find your e-bay shop?

  9. Respectfullyyours: Thank you very much ;)

    auntiegwen: Thank you very kindly lovely lady. The shop is called It's Divine in Brighton

    Hayley: Thank you x

    Ju: I must admit I also prefer the 1st one. I think the frame is better suited.
    But like the mix of colours in the 2nd. I will think about etsy, thanks x

    SnafflesMummy: Thank you! e-bay shop as above. Also my user name is karenannenewhouse if that helps more.

  10. Oh I love them:) You have your mojo back. No more worrys.

  11. We all get a bit needy sometimes.....they look fab - well done Lxx

  12. Wow - so simple, and yet so stunning. Is that a shadow box and a bit of glue? Do tell? I must admit I have been cutting up my Xmas cards into tiny pieces and making mosaic cards out of them. Very time consuming, but they look great.
    Today I did one in the shape of a birthday cake and I'm working on mosaic hearts as Valentine's Day is HUGE over here.

  13. Anglefeet: Thanks very much for your comment. I have just checked out your blog, beautiful photos by the way, and I DO believe I MIGHT know you! Hehe..Much love..xxx

    MM: Thank you xx

    Familyaffairs: Yes, I know we all need a bit of a boost sometimes. I have definitely got that here, from everyones lovely comments xxx

    Expatmum: They are a very very simple idea. Spot on! But its not glue, I've used little glue pads which are raised, it gives the shapes some depth. What a lovely idea for using your xmas cards! I use all the junk mail, see there is a use for it!Your mosaic hearts sound great.

  14. Way out of my depth but will be back. Good luck!

  15. Gosh I'm in awe - they are lovely.
    I suspect your mojo didn't go anywhere. It's just that it probably got a bit covered up with all the emotional trauma you have been experiencing recently. What a great outlet to turn to when you need to focus on something else. You have great talent, lady! x

  16. Oh My God - karen!!!!!!!! I'm a bit late to this I know - sorry sweetie, but WOW. Seriously - they're stunning. Well done. Love them. Beautiful. You are obviously very talented. And don't worry about those creative juices - looks like they're flowing thick and fast! xx