23 March 2011

The Gallery: Education

The Gallery this week over at Sticky Fingers is Education.

To be honest I didn't have to do a lot of digging for all those embarassing school photos everyone seems to have hidden away. As I don't appear to have any! Not one, anywhere. How did that happen? Maybe my Mum has them? I should check with her. Or maybe I destroyed them all in a fit of Teenage vanity or something? Now that would not surprise me, I was a very stroppy Teen!

Me, aged five or six...
So, I know, I'm sorry, I have used this photo before, but as it's the ONLY school type one I seem to own it's the one you're getting, okay?

16 March 2011

The Gallery: Trees & Teens...

When Tara set this weeks Gallery prompt as Trees I wasn't sure I was even going to join in.
But last night, I looked through my photos. Thinking, I'm sure I have trees somewhere? 

Guess what? I do. 

On looking I found a folder of photos I took at Ian's Dad's surprise BBQ last summer, in celebration of his 80th birthday. 

Ian arranged all the food and the hire of a huge BBQ. His Mum, secretly, contacted old work collegues and friends. All the family had dishes to take with them. His Dad had been 'sent' out all morning, working with friends clearing some local woods, to make sure it stayed a surprise. 

The whole afternoon was a wonderful, family gathering. 

As you can see from the photos, my 19 and 20 year old sons and 15 year old step-son, enjoyed sharing 2 pieces of rope and a plank of wood tied to a high branch on an extremely tall tree...

Such a simple pleasure, but it kept them entertained for hours. Seriously. 
Until they decided they may have had a little too much scrumpy to continue swinging (the 19 and 20 yo's, not the 15!) so they retired to the more sedate garden benches/chairs to continue their scrumpy consumption and left the swing to our 2 younger nieces.

 See, no matter what age, the 'pull' of a swing on a tree is irresistable...
(unless combined with scrumpy)