2 April 2010

Loo Roll, Toilet Tissue..Whatever you call it, where the hell does it all go?

Seriously people, really, I'm intrigued. It's one of the great mysteries of life.

As one of six members of this household, which consists of fully grown adults all with fully opposable thumbs, at least last time I looked they did, why oh why, do I seem to be the only one capable of putting a new loo roll on the holder??! I can't be the only one who realises that when a roll is finished a new one is required. Kids, come on, you know that tearing sound when the last bit of tissue sticks to the cardboard tube, which then spins round with a life of its own?...Yes, that's a big clue.

I am now officially fed up of reaching out for tissue, only to find nothing there but that sad little cardboard roll. 

And, because I do seem to be the 'Loo Roll Fairy' of the house, I'm very aware that we get through a veritable mountain of the stuff. Where does it all go? What are these people doing with it? Are they wrapping themselves up, mummy-like, for some form of bizarre fancy dress? Stuffing bras or crotches, ala David Beckham in only pants, with it?

Because if 12+ rolls, and on ocassions more a week, is going through our plumbing system then I have major concerns for our sewage system. Also I'm seriously worried that one day it might just all decide to back up and come and bite me on the bum, because you just know it's going to be me sitting there, putting on another sodding roll.

So please, tell me. I can't be the only person wondering where all the loo roll goes?
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