14 April 2010

The Gallery - Joy

I should probably put happy, smiley photos of my children to express Joy, the theme this week at Sticky Fingers as, yes, they do make me very joyful. Not going to. I'm going to be selfish and choose something that gave me a feeling of joy when I finished it. And then the fact that someone liked something I'd made, and bought it. So I suppose in reality, the word I should really be using is pride, but hey, it gave me Joy, I'm shallow like that! But I'm going to ignore that for the moment and just share. This is not a completely original idea, I saw something similar a few years ago, on a much bigger, grander more expensive scale. This is just my interpretation.

Cute little handmade 'Junk' paper butterflies, mounted and framed. This was the first one, and I loved making it. I still love making them, it's calming and peaceful.
Also a real person liked it enough to buy it. It is now 'Joyfully' sitting on a wall in Spain as we speak, so someone else is enjoying it too. This gives me joy...
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