29 April 2010

A little stroll along Brighton Seafront..for Mussels.

Tuesday afternoon TD and I took a little stroll along Brighton seafront. There was a mission in mind, it wasn't just for a leisurely amble. The aim was for TD to take photos for her A-level Photography Final exam, which starts next week.
The theme the examining board have chosen this year is 'Rhythms and Cycles'. This caused a few groans from the 1st year students, as the 2nd year students were given, what they saw as, the far more exciting subject of  'Passion and Obsession'.  
It can be anything from rhythms of music/heartbeats/life and cycles of life/death/decay/nature/buildings, the list is endless. TD can produce any image/s, any size, as long as it fits the theme and is Black and White Film, not digital.
The idea she's going with at the moment is 'Sealife; from sea to plate' sort of thing and to capture images at various stages, in the sea, on the beach, for sale at a stall, and finally on a plate as food.
This was because she took some stunning shots of mussels (below) on the beach and walls, a while back with a digital camera. She was hoping to get the same again but on film.


Unfortunately for her, that part of the mission was thwarted by the fact they had cleared and were still clearing most of them away while we were there...
So no mussels to be found on the beach.
She did manage to get shots of a couple of the stalls selling seafood though, so maybe all is not lost.

Below are my efforts at the same shots TD was taking.


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