27 April 2010

The Gallery - Portraits

I'm not going to apologise, I was extremely lazy last week, and if I'm completely honest just couldn't work up any enthusiasm about anything, not just The Gallery, so I didn't post a photo. Actually, I didn't do very much at all last week. Life's just like that sometimes.

The theme for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week is Portaits, and if there is one thing I love in photography, with a passion, it's portaits.
Which thankfully gave me a small, but swift kick in the rear...

Above is a photo of my Mum. It's her first school photo, taken sometime in 1950, when she was 5 years old.

And this is my first school photo, at the same age. The interesting fact about both these photos is they were taken at the same school. Mum, Dad and I lived with my Grandparents until I was 7, opposite the same school my Mum and all her siblings attended. As we were living with them, that was my first school too.

Below is my all time favourite photo of my 16 year old daughter.
And I have now, in theory, taken this photo twice, 10 years apart. 
Originally taken on my Minolta SLR film camera in 1999, when TD was six and again (yesterday) with my digital camera. 
Why twice? Because, our all singing, all dancing printer/scanner, which I bought for the specific purpose of scanning, has now decided printing and scanning is NOT in its job description after all! Luckily the first two photos had already been scanned before it decided to p**s me off. So I had to take a photo of the original photo.

Three portaits, three generations...

Generations apart maybe, but all three images portray the very same wonderfully, direct 'The world is my oyster' innocent gaze...

...and just look at those eyes...like butter wouldn't melt...
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