15 April 2010

Happy Birthday NON-Teen..

Today, at 9.26am, my beautiful 19 year old son will be 20. No longer a Teenager. But always my baby.

He has and hopefully always will be, affectionate and loving.

As a baby and toddler he was always smiling and happy, everyone fell in love with him. He made it easy, he loved cuddling and would hug anyone.  
He was also the most mischievous. I've lost track of the amount of chaos fun he created when younger. Although one does come to mind.  The time he woke from an afternoon nap, by this time sleeping in a bed not a cot, took himself off to the bathroom, stuffed most of a loo roll into the plug and overflow and turned the taps on. The first I knew he was even awake was from the kitchen, when water started flowing down the walls!  
As a youngster he was also the most adventurous. Always first to try something new, always ready to give it a go, just jump in and see what happened. So therefore was the one who spent the most time at A&E, luckily never with anything too serious. So he's had his fair share of glue and stitches.

And he's a Geek. My lovely computer geek. His request for his birthday present this year? All the parts and components to make his own PC, from scratch. No PC world for him. Which is probably what he will spend his day doing, putting it all together.

And now, somehow, it's 2010 and he's twenty. Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday I was saying Hello to him.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart...

My kitchen currently looks like this.
One very happy birthday boy...
I told you...he is a geek
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