7 December 2009

OK... NOW I'm really P***ed off!

:::WARNING::: Very slight icky medical subject, so if you are of a sensitive nature...
Who the hell am I kidding!...we're all mums, and know all sorts of stuff about peoples insides...WARNING OVER....

My lovely OH is currently in hospital, with an abscess on his appendix (yes this does exist, I'd never heard of it before, but I googled it, and it's there, so therefore it MUST be true!) He's been in constant pain, on his right side/hip, for the last 5-6 weeks (yeah! I know! how long???) has been medicating himself every 4 hours and still going to work! (Ostritch??...hmmpf) After seeing our GP 3 weeks ago, who ordered x-rays and blood tests, he went back for the results the friday before last. He was told all the tests had came back fine, no problems that she could see. Then she suggested an Ultrasound scan of his abdomen, and whipped off a letter of referral, which should take 1-2 weeks to come though..Mmm.. Have since found out, said letter then tells you to phone the number on the letter to
make an appointment...WTF! She did suggest, that if the pain got too bad, to take himself to A & E and he would probably get the scan done there and then.

And I'm sorry, but this is where I'm about to sound very sexist....What is it with some men and health issues? Had it been me, or probably any other woman I know, I would have gone to A & E as soon as I'd got out of the GP's surgery. She more or less, reading between the lines, told him to. As I had gone to the doctors with him, I said this to him. Did he go? Did he limp down there? What do you think?? NO....He waited until the following Wednesday afternoon, where, thankfully, they admitted him to a surgical ward.
By thursday morning he had been given another x-ray and 'the' Ultrasound scan. They also ordered a CT scan for the same thursday afternoon, but then cancelled it as they felt they had enough information already.

IV antibiotics, with a Laparoscopy on Monday (today) to have a look in there, as apparently the main concern appears to be what else the abscess may be attached to. The bowel being the tricky one. But, if they could, they would remove the appendix & abscess while doing the Laparoscopy.

I got a phone call this morning, at 08.45, from my OH saying "I'm booked into theatre for 9.00" then we lost the connection. He called back at 9.15 to say "It's cancelled!"

My thoughts were, oh well, emergencies happen they have to deal with those first, thats life.

Except....the reason given? "We need a bit more information, so are going to give you a CT scan this afternoon"...Gggrr!

What!?? You mean the one they cancelled on Thursday, as they said they had enough info then?

The operation today was cancelled only because they cancelled the CT scan on Thursday....GGRRRRRrrrrr!!?!

So, YES, I am really f****ing pissed off at the moment....I hate incompetence.

Okay, me: Breathe out....rant over.


  1. That's a man for you - ignore it and it might go away. That's also bureaucracy for you - they get so tangled up in the red tape that no one seems to know what the other is up to. Hope OH is better soon!

  2. Yes, a man will moan forever but not actually do anything about it. He's lucky he is still in one piece.
    I can't understand the NHS, they try to cut corners and then it ends up costing more in the long run.
    I hope it gets sorted very soon, he's been in hospital far too long.

  3. What a lot of stress for everyone, not sure why they don't just go ahead and remove it and save a lot of hassle? It's a quick op. I hope it all gets sorted soon.

  4. What a bloody palaver! And I bet no one gave you an apology.

  5. Sounds like a few cowboys at work there. No wonder you are mad. Hope he gets it sorted soon. Then maybe you can have a great Christmas. All the best, let's hope they sort it out soon.

  6. Oh sweetheart - poor you (and OH). Got a shock when I read the status update on FB. Hope it all goes well. Has the op happened yet? I'm so behind on everything. Big kiss and hugs to you sweetie xxx

  7. Poor both of you, hope he's had his op and is well on the mend.

  8. Holy moly! Enough to drive you insane without buggering about with cancelled scans.

    Has he had it yet?

    Hope it goes well.

    Love RMxx

  9. Thanks for your comment - I am not alone!! Right now, daugher is in the front room with her boyfriend, so she is on her best behaviour...God help me when he goes home!!!!

  10. Men really do seem to need to have a women to push them when it comes to all things health! Of course I am too far the other way and worry about every little twinge so perhaps I shouldn't judge. :) Best wishes for good health!