18 December 2009

Let it snow..Let it snow..Let it snow..and a SnowKat!

We rarely get snow here in Brighton, nothing that ever sticks anyway, so of course when it does people go all out and fully embrace their inner child....

Here are some slightly festive (festive
only 'cause it's snow) picturey type things...
....including a snowKAT!

I'm spelling it like that because my Gorgeous 18yr old son's girlfriend is called Kat....and they made it on the roof of our house. That's not
quite as dangerous as it may sound! His bedroom is in the loft, with huge loft windows.

But snow does make people do some very odd things. For instance, while it was snowing last night, said 18 yr old son & girlfriend opened the loft window, wide, and videoed themselves, whilst singing "It's snowing
in my bedroom!" which of course it was....He-he...


  1. I know what you mean about snow being a rarity. Occasionally, we get ice (which totally sucks) because we are too far South to get real snow. But today??? It's been snowing like crazy (of course it has - we are having our 'do tomorrow).

    Does everyone rush out to buy bread and milk there when the forecast predicts bad weather? That's what they do here - it's crazy. How is bread and milk going to keep you warm.....?

  2. Love the snow Kat!
    Teenagers are funny aren't they. :0)

  3. I loved reading your blogs.I'm a mum of two teens myself, and know and adore Brighton. I lived most of my childhood near Steyning, but now live in Kent.
    We had a lot of snow here too last week, but sadly it's now all gone and I think we'll have a wet Christmas, not a white one!

  4. Great photos. Here's to snow on the 25th!
    Happy Christmas x