17 December 2009

Hysterical phone call...And a Paramore ticket!

I received a phone call late this afternoon, while doing some shopping. So, there I was juggling carrier bags, a basket, my handbag & a mobile phone, and all I could hear was an almost incomprehensible hi-pitched,
squeaky TD shrieking....



....all in one breathe....in 3 seconds flat!

S**t, she nearly gave me a bloody heart attack...I thought someone had died or something...
I had to get her to repeat it several times, before I could understand her.

And no, I'm not going to make it any easier for you,
I had to decipher it standing in the middle of a store of full on, rampant christmas shoppers, you're only reading it on a screen! She was so frantic to spurt it all out she didn't even hear me saying "Yes".... "YES"..she was so busy rambling & burbling.... "TD....YES!" I had to shout at her.....Haha.

I had tried (secretly, as a christmas pressie) to buy tickets when they first went on sale a couple of months ago, at 9am, but by 9.08am they were sold out...Woah! Popular or what?? And I refused to pay upward of £80 at any of the other places...it's a £20 ticket for gods sake!

Needless to say I now have one extremely
ecstatic (thankyoumummythankyouthankyouILOVEyou!!!) Teenage Daughter, who is, as I type, queuing in the freezing cold at the Brighton Centre, with her £25 ticket, to see her Idols, Paramore, featuring the lovely 'Hayley Williams' ....

And I know TD will have just the hugest
grin on her face...

Here is a video of Paramore's BBC Radio One Live Lounge performance of their single, just in case you have absolutely no idea who they are, although if you have teens you must, surely?
If you like it, be sure to listen to their acoustic version of Kings of Leon's 'Use somebody'
I think it's a beautiful version of a great song.


(:::Psst!..Sshhh....Just don't tell TD that her Oldest Gorgeous Brother is on the Guest list, VIP....So I think the s**t may hit the fan when they return. Uh-oh....take cover:::)


  1. Was with a friend's 16 year old daughter the other week desperately trying to get ridiculously expensive tickets on ebay.Hope she's had a ball.

  2. Chic Mama: I know, they were going for stupid money. This was a friends sister who decided at the last minute (4pm today! Doors opened at 6.30pm!)not to go. I'm sure she is having a brilliant time, no doubt losing her voice in the process!

  3. Never heard of 'em. Maybe they aren't big over here? What I listened to I liked though...(don't tell the kids! They may stop liking them then!).

  4. Gigi: You should take a quick look at their other stuff on youtube. Even I like them, I wish TD had got 2 tickets, I would have been there with her! Its strange you haven't heard of them, they're from the states, with a couple of albums, and they're young, so surprised MC hasn't got you checking them out for his ipod yet? I do know you like to moniter MC's music, but this lot seem young, cool but nothing too extreme, which is all good. Tell him TD adores them, but he will probably get a crush on Hayley Williams, the vocalist. ALL 3 of my boys think she's hot!

  5. Loved your post. I remember those phone calls well. I still receive them and my daughter is 24 and lives on her own. You were certainly the hero there. I am going to follow along and see what other parenting dramas you find yourself in. Come by for a visit sometime.

  6. Eldest Beautiful Daughter went to see them in Birmingham last friday, she absolutely loved them. She also got hit on by the guitarist from the support band, how excited was she !

    I always try Scarlet Mist for tickets, its a site where people sell their spare tickets for the proper price. I got 2 tickets for The Stereophonics for face value plus booking fee, always worth a look.

  7. Prepare to be impressed - I took my two teenagers (with another mom and her kids) to see No Doubt in the summer and Paramore were the support act. My kids thought they had died and gone to heaven. They were very good but bloody loud. I used to go to some loud concerts in my time but this made my chest pound! (Have I just aged myself?)

  8. Respectfully: Thanks for following, the more the merrier! Oh god! Does this mean I'm still gonna be getting these phone calls in 8 yrs time...HELP!

    AuntieG: TD loved them so much! And as I predicted she had lost her voice when she got back! Thanks for the tip, will check out Scarlet Mist.

    Expat: I am VERY impressed! I wanted to go too! But only 1 ticket. I love No Doubt too, and am pretty impressed with Paramore. TD was in heaven too, and its awfully quiet round here at the moment as she lost her voice after singing along to every single song, loudly!