14 December 2009

Just a photo..Beautiful TD 'I am safe'..

Sorry, but there is just too much crap in my head at the moment to write a long post, or one that would make much sense and isn't just ugly anger and sadness....Not very Christmassy at all....

So instead I thought I would give you my beautiful TD's photo (with her permission).

This is her, a self portrait, holding a badge with the words 'I am safe'....

I love it...

I'll post again soon, when I have the heart to.....


  1. What a beautiful picture! Thank you (and TD) for sharing it. It sounds as though you are having a rough time; I'm sorry. If you need to vent you know where to find me!

  2. I really hope you manage to cheer up soon, Xmas can be so melancholic sometimes. TD looks gorgeous, you must be a proud mum.
    Merry Xmas to you and the the big family.:)

  3. Gigi: It is lovely isn't it. When I can get my angry/sad, confused thoughts to slow down & make sense I will post. Thank you, I will be venting soon, I'm sure.. xx

    Ju: I normally adore xmas, but circumstances beyond our control are in force. She is beautiful. And YES I am a very proud mum. A very Merry christmas to you, hubby and little ones..xx

  4. I can so see why you love this!!

    Thanks so much for your comments over at my blog. Hope you don't mind a new follower:)

  5. such a lovely photo!! you must be one very proud mama!!

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  6. MM: It's a beautiful photo isn't it? My pleasure on the comments, you're a joy to read. I LOVE new followers, welcome! x

    Iva: SO, so lovely photo! One VERY proud mum/mama!
    Thank you xx

  7. Stunning photo.....sorry things aren't good at the moment. I hope they improve very soon. Take care. xx