28 June 2010

SO true..What goes around...

My beautiful, independant TD decided today she wanted her hair cut and dyed blonde, for a completely different look. So whilst OH, my Mum and myself went for a leisurely lunch at a local park, she had a friend come round to help her with the cutting and applying of bleach (not sure why she didn't ask me for cash to go to a hairdressers?!).

Before we left, she'd told me she was going to have a few inches off, have some layers added and "Is it okay if I go blonde all over?"
I replied with what I felt were quite wise words...Hah! Don't you sometimes wish you could just stuff them back in!!

"Aww! Darling..thanks for asking me, but really, you're nearly 17, it's your hair and you're the one wearing it, so you're the one who should decide. If that's what you want"

Phone call received by OH, 5mins after leaving the house, and relayed to me while still driving to the park.

"TD wants to know if you're okay with her having her hair cut like Mollie's?"

"SHIT!! F**K"
.....actually that was in my head, what came out my mouth sounded more like this.. 

"Ermmmmmmmmmmm? errrr...welllllll...um?" 

While my brain was engaged in some very rapid thinking. Could I go back on what I'd already said? Yes? No? Maybe? Would that just give her the message that I wasn't 'truly' ready to give her responsibility for making her own choices? And about something so personal as the way she looks? Worse still, was she asking me because she wanted me to say no?...Or yes?...and oh, all her long, thick hair...*sniff*

With my Mum in the car I was reminded, fleetingly, of all my experiments with multi colours, and, to say the least, rather dodgy looking haircuts I'd had at a similar age, and thought sod it, it's only hair, it'll grow back!

"Tell her, of course I'm fine with it" But I'm sure it came out more like a squeak..

Bright red, close cut and shaved over one side is how it ended up, sort of like Mollie's...
It's fine...*sniff*
And my Mum? She just grinned serenely from the back of the car "It's only hair....."

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