17 June 2010


Yay! TD has been offered a place at City College in Brighton on a 3 year Catering & Hospitality course starting in Sept.
This is brilliant news. It was something she originally had the 'Option' to take in years 10 and 11. But it would've meant giving up her 4 GCSE options in other subjects.  It was an 'either or' scenario. She decided, and we agreed, that it was a very narrow and limiting choice, to only take one subject at that point.
She loves baking, is into cooking and in fact cooked this evenings meal of Chicken Korma, rice and cabbage & peas from scratch...Lovely girl!!

But I'm going to give you a heads up here, in case any of your offspring are thinking of embarking down a similar path anytime soon, or even the distant future. Consider yourself warned.


That's the cost of the equipment list supplied to us. It wasn't a huge suprise really, it's about what we were expecting.
Unless of course you happen to be of the 'Male' variety, because then it's only £343.09
It's cheaper if you have dangly parts? But that's sort of okay too, as we females are used to paying a little bit extra for those essential items in life, like...
Shoes..bags...shoes...and...oh yes, maybe more shoes.
But the thing that made me snort with laughter?? 
The 'Optional Item' listed....
Go on, have a look at the photo, I've even ringed it in red for you...

...for the princely sum of.... £3.25 you too can have an optional 'Spoon shaped spatula'...or not?

Erm..well, I'm not quite sure we can to stretch to that...

Oh, also, just an aside...have a closer look, just how many different types of cloths do they need?
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