3 July 2010

A soothing afternoon stroll...with NO Teens.

With the roller coaster of emotions I've experienced in the 10 or so days since OH had his op (much, much more if you count all the time beforehand), I really wasn't in the mood for a drive and lunch out this afternoon. Particularly after a dark and tearful meltdown moment mid week. I didn't want to have to be nice, happy, cheerful, funny or talkative, didn't want to be anything at all really. I just wanted to stay, figuratively speaking, curled up in the corner, licking my wounds (NOT physical ones) hiding from everyone and everything. Waiting until I felt I could be me again.  

But as my Mum and Step-dad were leaving today, I felt I should make the effort.

I'm glad I did now. 
We drove to a little village just outside Brighton called Kingston, it's small you'd miss it if you blinked, it's not on the way to anywhere so I'd never even heard of it. OH had told us it had a very pretty, old little pub where we could have a late lunch.
It may have been the slow, gentle amble the 3 of us took (we left OH nursing his beer at the pub!) through the village toward the 13th century church, past tiny pretty cottages with overblown gardens, with two of us taking lots of photos
Or it could've been the peacefulness of the location, as other than crickets, birdsong and church bells it was silent, but I now feel a little better. I'm really not sure why?
Here are some of the photos I took as we wandered.

Very soothing, what do you think?
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