16 June 2010

The Gallery - Motherhood


The theme this week at Sticky Fingers is 'Motherhood'. 

I've been doing this motherhood job for a bit now. 22 and a half years to be exact. 
It is without a doubt, the hardest, longest but most rewarding job in the world.
I could've posted lovely, pretty photos of babies (I have 1000's like we all do!) but instead am going to show you what you get after all the sleepless nights, poo and pee related fun, toddler tantrums and schooling struggles. 
With lots of love, much encouragement, guidance and patience, you get the absolute pleasure of knowing you have been part of the most amazing journey. That you have helped the once tiny, helpless little bundle of joy develop into an independant, healthy happy adult....
...What more could you ask for?
So for all you loving, hardworking mums of still little ones out there, here is a photo of my four 'grown up' (ish) babies. Embrace and relish the journey, trust me, it's a hell of a ride!
 'Mighty oaks from little acorns grow'

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