13 November 2009

Sore throats and Hamster Wheels....

I haven't posted in a while. In the last couple of weeks Teenagers have been ill, and of course, I've had it too. This stupid cold/bug is knackering, all I've wanted to do is lie down & sleep. Sore head, coughing fits, which hurt my throat. But it's getting better. At present I sound like a cross between Mariella Frostrup & a mad, manic, screeching hamster TD once had , not an attractive combination! Oh, and add the swollen glands, and I even looked like that damn Hamster.

So having a tirade at TD this morning about getting out of bed for college was probably not a wise move. For TD, being confronted from her bedroom (tip!) door by a wild haired, hamster-looking-sounding mum to 'Get out of bed ...you're supposed to be walking out the door NOW, not just getting up!' possibly didn't put her in the best mood. But after trying to get her out of her bed for 25 minutes I wasn't in the best of moods either, so yes, I lost the plot slightly, or the will to live, well, actually just my voice.

Getting her to go to college is getting harder by the day, and we're just going round and round in circles for her reasons why.

'I HATE college!!'

'What do you hate about it?'

'EVERYTHING!' My textiles tutor HATES me!

'I don't know about that, but she knows you wanted to drop the course. So maybe its hard for her to teach you, knowing you don't want to be there?'

'That doesn't give her the right to treat me like crap!'

'Yes, I agree, it doesn't'
'But maybe she's just reacting to the attitude she's getting from you?' (No kidding?!?!)

'Probably, but I don't care.....I HATE college!'

And round & round we go.....I am that manic Hamster on a wheel...


  1. Glad you are back...sorry you're not well. I have four out of five at home today with the same symptoms.
    Yep, know that hamster wheel well. ;0)
    Get better soon.x
    BTW- thanks very much for the link, interesting but unfortunately no joy. :0(

  2. Oh I love hamsters - they are soooo cute! That bug is horrd - sounds like what I had a few weeks ago which I reckon has affected me emotionally as well as physically. I'm STILL tired all the time. Oh to be like the teenagers of the house who think it is OK to sleep and sleep and sleep .....and then be moody about everything in their lives when they are forced to get up. Chin up and get better soon x

  3. And you still offered to babysit for us even though you'd been ill?? Oh Karen, you truly are a saint. Thanks so much for Saturday night. Renée asked if you were still there on Sunday morning, bless her!!!! Hope you're feeling better now and that TD got off to colege without too much persuasion this morning! xx

  4. chic mama: I'm feeling much better now, thank you! Luckily, mine are all teenagers so just stay in bed when ill (no change there then!) Unlike little ones. Much, much harder to look after when they're all ill, poor you.

    Selina: Hamsters make very cool pets! I think TD had about 6 over an 8 year period. It was just this very odd one, who would 'screech' any time the cage was open (often). Thanks, I am feeling much better now, but it was an exhausting sort of bug, it does sound like the same one.

    MT: I was much, much better by friday when I made the offer, apart from the very squeaky, if amusing, voice! It was my pleasure to help out and just hope I didn't freak Renee out too much with the squeakyness, that's not my 'normal' voice! TD went off to college no problem this morning, teenage girls huh! much love.

  5. We also have had some bad bugs for the past weeks, and it makes it worse of course with this crap weather. Lots of bad tempers, tantrums and grumpiness. I guess nothing compares to having teens living under same roof. You daughter did so well in photography, didn't she? Is she not inspired by that? I was such a bad teen, so I kind of understand her in a weird way. Hope to read more from you soon.:)