29 November 2009

The end is nigh.....Goodbye to dye under my nails!

TD has finished her Art textiles 'Final Piece'.....Yippee...YAY!


Finally it's done. For TD no more stitching, sewing and dyeing. And in my case no more nagging, cajoling, persuading or whatever else you want to call it when us mums end up trying to get Teens to do what they 'really, really' REALLY' don't want to!

'Flotsam & Jetsam'

So, for now, the sewing machine can leave the kitchen table.....

Until next term, and we get to have this fun (!) all over again....

I'm going for a little lie down, to conserve my energy you understand.


  1. YAY for TD! And you. ::sigh:: it's what we mom's do! Just finished helping Man-Child with one of his projects....he informed me that if anyone asks he did it all on his own - WTH??? I worked hard! I want some credit here!!

  2. brilliant, TD must feel a sense of elation and completion on a job well done. Now you can 'relax' into the festive season until start of term!