16 November 2009

The brilliance of the Blogosphere...and lovely hugs!

Whilst catching up with my reading of blogs, late (as I do) on Friday evening, I spotted a post by Maternal Tales titled Bloody Babysitter which to me didn't look like a feel good, happy post title. I couldn't believe it when I started to read about the babysitter who never having babysat for Emily before was asking to bring her boyfriend along! First time babysitting for someone? As a teenager I spent loads of Friday/Saturday nights babysitting, so I was astounded by her cheek. Did the girl really think Emily would say 'Yes of course sweetie, its fine'??

Anyway, reading the post I thought of TD, who by this point had already gone to bed but never, ever goes straight to sleep, what with msn, Facebook on her fancy phone, and often complains about lack of 'her own' money.
So I called her on her mobile (it is 4 flights of stairs...give me a break!) and, yup, I woke her up!


I quickly asked her if she would like to babysit for a friend & earn a little cash of her own. Actually not that little, £6 an hour, and it's not exactly 'hard' labour is it?

Given that she had just been woken up, she couldn't remember if she had plans or not.

'Mummy, can we talk about it in the morning?'...

With that my OH said to me 'Why don't you do it? They're only up the road'

Good idea, I was only going to be watching x-factor anyway, I can do that there.

So a quick comment on MT's blog, knowing Emily would probably already be in bed, and a quick one on FB to let her know if TD could'nt do it, I was happy to, but could I please watch x-factor?

TD had plans, of course she did.

Both OH and I were invited over to catch up and have a drink before OH had to come back home, to cook dinner for hungry teenagers and Emily & JP went to the party. Also for me to meet Renee and Edie (yes, I know, I am a bad, bad friend, it really is that long since we had last met up) before they went to bed.

One of the nicest parts of this for me, apart from the obvious, of catching up with friends and remembering how much you enjoy their company, was the following.....

At about 9pm, Edie called out, I could'nt quite decipher what she was saying as she was still sweetly, half asleep, sitting up, with her thumb firmly in her mouth. So I did what mums do, I stroked her head gently, and as she lay down I stroked her back, all the while cooing softly...'Ssshhh..ssshhh'....and up she popped....so same again...'Ssshhh..sshhh'...But this time with a wriggle...
Maybe loo time? So I lifted her from her cot, and she clamped her little arms & legs round me to carry her, still asleep.

And that sleepy hug was a lovely moment...

My babies are all grown up, and yes they still hug me, loads.
And we don't know anyone with small children anymore, all teenagers now.

Believe me, there is nothing on earth like a half sleeping toddler, trustingly allowing you to carry them, and hugging you, to make your heart smile. And to think, I'd forgotten about it and taken it for granted with my own.

So, I would like to thank Lucy the 'Bloody Babysitter' for sending Emily a 'f****ng illiterate text message' which incensed her to the point of posting about it.
Is'nt the blogosphere wonderful sometimes?

Thank you, Lucy, it was my pleasure.....


  1. ::sigh:: already typed all this once - hit post and close way to quick and missed the word verification thing. I must learn to be a bit more patient...

    Wow! You don't live far from a fellow blogger?! How awesome is that! Most of my friends (such as you) live at least, "across the pond" if not further. How fabulous that you were able to help out in "real time." And yes, those toddler hugs are a total bonus!

  2. Aaahhhhhhhhhh bless you lovely lady. So sweet that you posted about it too!!! It was so wonderful to see you again - JP and I didn't want to go to the party in the end!!! Must do again - round ours this time and then we won't need a babysitter. And thanks so much for looking after Edie - I dread to think what would have happened if Lucy and boyfriend had been allowed through the door!! Just had a sleepy trip to the loo with Edie about half an hour ago - so I know exactly what you mean!!! lots of love honey and big kiss xxx

  3. Well done for coming to the rescue. It sounds like a lovely night.

  4. Oh that is so lovely! What a great friend you are.
    And that sounds so cute the way Edie wrapped herself round you. That's what I miss about my babies too - teenage hugs just aren't the same!!

  5. Awww, that's so sweet. There are lovely people out there and you are one of them.