21 October 2009

Grounds for Divorce - YUK!

After an evening out in Brighton with friends, my 21 yr old Gorgeous Son arrived home at about 1am this morning. Quietly giggling & gently bouncing off walls he then sat on the sofa and proclaimed, as only rather drunk people can, 'Grounds for Divorce is the beshtestest drink ever!'. And no, it's not a spelling error, moi?...that was how it came out.

Apparently it's a cocktail that consists of a shot of vodka, sambucca, whiskey, gin, southern comfort, amaretto with a squeeze of lime & lemon. I've not checked or googled it, but I've never heard of it before. And do you think they actually missed any spirit out of that list...I personally think it sounds revolting. YUK..

Do you think the Bar/Club they went to were having a giggle? Or a clear out maybe?

And at £9 a drink, they were having the last laugh too...He had 3, yes, 3 of them!

Oh boy, I bet he had a hangover this morning.....


  1. Oh yuck, although I probably would have loved that at 21. Why's it got that name? I don't think I could drink anything now which I did back then. Just fine wines in my old age.

  2. Ouch!!! £9 each one....was he suffering?

  3. You're another Brighton belle?

    Not only did he have an hangover, I bet he was skint at those prices!


  4. It gave me a hangover just reading about it!

  5. Whistlejacket: No idea about the name, although possibly after drinking it you will rampage round sh%##*ng anything, hence grounds for divorce??

    Chic Mama: I think his head & pocket were suffering! But he did the same as all of us did at that age, got up at 6am, sleepwalked through work, came home at 4pm & had a 4 hour 'nap'!

    RM: I am another Brighton Belle! Queens Park area. Not sure about skint, but definitely £27 poorer..

    Looking Fab: I know..its sounds horrendous to me. But then as WJ said above, I know we all drank awful stuff at that age. In fact, Expatmum just reminded me on BMB of a drink called a 'Knicker Dropper'...Ouch!

  6. That would be a pint of fighting water if you had that in Glasgow! I cannot imagine for one moment how anyone could have one let alone three of those and still be alive!

    Hope the hangover wasn't too bad.

  7. Ouch, I'm also suffering today from a bad hangover, yes not very clever thing to do. All I can say is that your son has a very expensive taste, hope he finds a job to match in the future hehehe.

  8. I was going to put exactly what 'Looking Fab' put. I feel quite queasy now.;)

  9. What a great name for a drink - I wish I'd known about that one years ago!! Lx

  10. Oh I was in Brighton at the weekend but I didn't have a grounds for divorce to drink, I just have grounds for divorce in real life !

    I know have location envy of all you people who live in Brighton, I loved in even in the rain.

  11. Bloody hell - that drink better be good for £9!! Award for you at mine xx

  12. Yuck! Does not sound good to me!!!!

  13. Seems like YOU would be the one with a constant hangover having three teenagers - WOW! This was reason enough for me to follow you and watch you keep your sanity (lol).

  14. MOB: Fighting water indeed! But he is a giggly drunk, luckily!

    Ju: Yes very expensive I thought! He does have expensive taste in most things!

    Miss B: I know, queasy definitely. But I think we drank some awful conncotions at his age too.

    Selina: YES £9 a drink..outrageous!

    Family affairs: Its a great name isnt it?

    auntiegwen: I must admit, I've lived her for 8 yrs now, and wouldnt want to live anywhere else, I love it!

    MT: I think the drink sounds disgusting! But then I'm not 21 anymore. Many thanks for the award.

    Julie: Nor me either, it sounds horrible. I would gag just smelling it.

    MOMSWEB: Thanks for following. Sanity?? what sanity? what is this word? lost it when I still had 4 teenagers (one is now 22, so he doesnt count anymore!)