19 November 2009

So how come I'M the one with dye under my nails?

After more than 2 months of college, TD seems to be, sort of, getting the hang of it. Dare I speak too soon?... and is this the point where I should start touching wood? (it is only one term in)

TD now realises she made a big mistake taking on 2 courses with huge coursework content. Unfortunately she came to this realisation a week too late to swap to any other subjects.
All other courses were full, so, she's got to stick with it. This is one of the reasons her mantra is 'I HATE college'. The other is, of course, it means she has to 'GET OUT OF BED'...

Both her courses, Photography and Art Design:Textiles, slowly appear to be coming together, and she's due to hand in her finished pieces next Friday.

Currently she's filling/filled up one of her two A3 size sketchbooks with negatives, test strips, notations, photographers work and her own prints.

The other one, Textiles, the one she really, really, really (Have you got that yet??!) wanted to 'drop', is straining at the seams with fabrics, sketches, paintings, and artists work. It's actually so full, it doesn't come close to shutting.....

I've tried to help her, particularly with textiles, as there is probably 12+ hrs work a week (outside of classes) to keep up with. I've added loads of pics (I'm generous like that!) to give you an idea of the amount of work generated in less than 1 term.

This is, of course :sigh: an ongoing battle as 'I HATE this course!' is another favourite line, as she tries again, to
un-stitch what the sewing machine, 'This STUPID sewing machine HATES me!' somehow manages to get wrong!

Let me explain why I'm helping out. I understand TD now 'realises' she made a mistake with this course, and there is nothing she can do but plod on with it, until the end of the academic year next June. The very fact she recognises it as a mistake, and acknowledges it, is for me, a small sign of maturity. Yes I know, this is a very tenuous 'grasping at straws' logic on my part, but hey, you grasp 'em where and when you can with Teenagers!

Which is why I ended up last night, in the kitchen, supervising saucepans full of Blue & Green food dye/Ink & mutton cloth, as TD wanted a particular colour of 'Teal' fabric to use in her Final Piece.

Can I tell you something else? Just in case you're contemplating encouraging your Teens in their creative endeavours?.... THAT
particular colour of 'Teal' is a real bitch to get off your fingers & nails!


  1. I help my kids with their neverending homework too. I even did Liams coursework the night before it was due in. Left it to the last minuite. Fool!

    Still what can you do?

    That is one big book there.

    Love RMxx

  2. Gulp! I will know now what to steer mine away from. xx

  3. What a lovley supportive mum you are

  4. You have the dye under the nails because you are the mom. I expect I'll be knee deep in creating some kind of booklet this weekend as that is what is due on Monday. At least this time, he's given me a heads up. Usually, he calls me on my way home from work; ummmm, Mom??? Could you stop at the craft store for xyz? Yeah, I've got this project that's due in the morning ....

  5. I remember my poor mum stinking up the kitchen and turning orange on my behalf because we had to hand dye our costumes for some dance thing only using natural ingredients. (curry/spice based dyes really do stain for a long time.) We were supposed to do it ourselves and to make matters worse I had completely forgotten about it until the night before the performance. She could have deepened my panic and agony by making a huge deal out of my shortcomings and leaving me to live with the fall out as "a lesson", but instead she rolled up her sleeves and saved me from what felt like a fate worse than death. Although she did go on about writing down the things I had to do once the crisis was over LOL

    I was only about ten but it is one of those enduring memories that takes on greater significance as you get older because once you are a mum yourself you recognise the concern and love behind it.

    I think you probably made appreciative memories which will blossom with time ...as well as blue/green fingers ( :

    British mum of a mini Italian in Lombardia

  6. RM: I know what you mean! That last minute homework is a pain. But I know for a fact I did the same at that age. Yes, a very big book...

    Chicmama: Good idea. Unfortunately TD is stuck with it until June. So that will be me pushing/nagging or maybe just doing..sigh..

    Selina: I think TD would use the word 'NAGGING'

    Gigi: It's good you got a heads up, this time, on 'your' project. TD has been doing this one since 8th sept & knows the due date, so no surprises for me in that area.

    Sarah: Luckily this wasn't a last minute, frantic thing likes yours, although I have been there before, from both sides! Just sheer volume of work, plus a photography course which TD is far more interested in doing, so I'm just helping out.

  7. I just love the look of this book, it's an art piece on its own, should be framed one day; clever daughter, talented mum :)

  8. Ooh honey - you are a lovely Mummy to help her so much. But then I already know that! Poor Renée's take-home half term project was to ask Mummy to make a dinosaur costume!!! Oh purlease...as if I'm going to do that!!! I bought it on ebat instead and was completely chuffed with myself until she got all sad and said 'But Mummy, we're supposed to make them'. God I felt like the crappest mother on earth!!
    Stick with her honey. This will all lead somewhere good xxxxxxx

  9. That should be e-bay and not e-bat - but I'm sure you realised that!! Trust me not to read my comment through until after I've posted it!

  10. JU: I agree, it does look like a piece of Art. Not sure what the college does with it after assessment?? I should ask...

    MT: Aww! I bet she was the bestest dinosaur though! And yes, I got e-bay, though e-bat works too!