19 May 2010

WHOO-HOO!!... *Dancing on the spot!*

Today is a brilliant day! Wonderfully lovely in every single way!!! Why? 
Because now there is HOPE! More than we ever dared to dream for. And I now honestly feel like I just breathed out, after 6 months, even though I didn't realise I was even holding it..till now...

In Dec 09 my OH was diagnosed with cancer. A particularly nasty type, a Malignant Melanoma tumor wrapped around his Illiac vessels, near his hip (the main artery to his right leg). After being told that surgery was the way forward, and being sent to the best surgeon at The Royal Marsden, it was devastating to be told, that due to its size and location it was inoperable and that Radiotherepy was the best way forward. The hope was to stop it growing any bigger, they weren't expecting it to shrink, just to stop it. They even used those sick-to-the-stomach-feeling terms you never want to hear, about how radiotherapy would make him feel more 'comfortable' and about it's use for 'the management of the pain'. You can read that exactly the way I did.
OH had his radiotherapy, and had a scan last week. Today he met with his Oncologist, who told him that they had stopped it growing.
...and in fact, the treatment had reduced it to 1/16th its original size. Even with just this news I was smiling, then, the one that caught me off guard completely? He can now be considered for surgery.... OMFG!!! We never thought it was even an option anymore..OMG.

That's it for now, I just needed to share because I was in serious danger of bursting with glee!! And my face is starting to ache cos I can't get rid of the stupid grin! And I think I may go for a dance round the kitchen now!
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