25 May 2010

The Gallery - Friendship

This week the theme at Sticky Fingers is 'Friendship'.

It's extremely lucky that I know my longstanding friend really well. I know she would scream every swear word she knows (oh, she taught me well) for putting this photo up here, and then cry with laughter, giving herself hiccups in the process.

But I don't feel too bad about sharing it on my blog, as I had already posted it on Facebook, ages ago. Hence the reason I know exactly what her reaction would be.

We go back a very long way, 32 years. We met when I was just 16, she was 19 or 20 (? I've actually forgotten exactly how old she is) and she was a young mum of 2 little girls. We have both moved around alot in the intervening years. Had children (me), more children (her), divorced (both) and we don't always manage to connect and go years without talking. But when we do talk it's as though one of us has just come back into the room after making a cuppa! 
Strangely, we don't have many photos of us together.

Last October, late one evening, I got a very drunken phone call from her, telling me her and her latest man were in Brighton for a dirty weekend, and did I want to meet for lunch the next day? We hadn't spoken in nearly 3 years...but that didn't stop her from launching into a blow by blow description of his attributes (I assumed he'd popped to the loo, or I hoped so anyway, it was fairly graphic!).
We met up for lunch, and talked, caught up and giggled non-stop for 3 hours. We probably won't meet up again for another 3 years. And that's fine, that's the way it is between us. It works.
My friend...
Okay it was the 80s', but even so there was absolutely no excuse for those curlers!

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