21 May 2010

Secret Post Club - How lovely!

I received my first ever Secret Post Club parcel on Wednesday. YAY! If you want to know all about it, please click on either link which will take you to Heather, who came up with the brilliant idea, at Notes from Lapland.

It felt a little like christmas, t'was very exciting (I obviously live a very dull life!).

So just like a little child at christmas, I very, very gently shook it. Nope..no noise. I sniffed it..No, no smells I could identify. I opened one end of the box very carefully and pulled out this..

Oooh...even more exciting, I still can't guess what it is! But look the wrapping paper is just so sweet...I love it. I'm keeping it to use for one of my bits of artwork, the colours are gorgeous.

Then of course I really couldn't contain myself any longer...


A beautifully, colourful felt hot-water bottle cover and a very sweet and pretty bone china Tea cup (which also had some cleverly hidden T-bags inside) a Saucer and Tea plate...for CAKE!!
I love them. Thank you so, so much. I have already had my tea and cake in/on them!
Unfortunately, lovely Blogger, you didn't tell me who you are. But whoever you are (please, please let me know? Otherwise it will forever remain a truly 'Secret Post'. Then I can put the link to you on this post) you certainly hit the spot. THANK YOU..and big hugs with knobs on!
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