22 March 2010

Spring is here and so are the Butterflies!

 Spring is here...

Finally, the sun has been shining. It's warmer. Flowers have been spotted, bravely pushing their way through the barren winter soil. How lovely, spring has sprung. It's making me smile. After all the freezing temperatures and excess of snow most of us have dealt with this winter, it makes me grateful and happy to watch spring stretching its fingers and warming up its toes.  Nature is emerging from its long hibernation. People are smiling more, are friendlier and have a visible spring in their step....Don't you just love it!

And to celebrate I have just made this pretty little Butterfly Picture, above, it makes me feel all spring like just looking at it...


  1. It's gorgeous, must take so long to make. We saw a butterfly in the garden yesterday.

  2. I love butterflies..they always make me smile.

  3. Did you see the award for you over at my blog? We've had a Red Admiral flopping around in our house all week - I don't know what to do with it...... it's too cold for it outside but someone's going to squash it soon!

  4. Kate, don't worry about the Read Admiral, they overwinter, it's been hibernating in a shed nearby all winter.
    'BMTA's OH'