23 March 2010

Blog Award - 10 random truths you always wanted to know!

Thanks Kate at Calamity, Kids and Other Stuff for my lovely Honest Scrap award. But, now I have to list 10 random but true facts about me. This could possibly get very boring, very quickly...But here goes...

I was a Gymnast, from the age of 5 until 15/16, at which point I discovered boys and other related  'non-gymnastic type physical activies'..Ahem.

I never have, and never do wear slippers, or anything on my feet in the house. Which causes lots of foot & toe related injuries. Breaking my little toe, by stubbing it on a door frame is a well remembered one. Arriving at A & E with a huge frozen bag of brussel sprouts on my foot & swearing like a trooper ensured it was quite memorable for the staff too!

I took a CSE qualification (if you're old enough, you'll remember these) in Typing at school. My kids find this hysterically funny. "Typing??!?!...you're kidding? Right? Why?"...

...And following on from the above fact, this now means I can touch type at 'the speed of light', without looking at the keys, or the screen. (So kids..impressed now?...Erm). Of course the speed of light in my mind is about 85 wpm.

I understand Binary and Hex. This was not through choice..Oh no, no, no. A work related IT course had the horrors of real 'Maths'..eek...in it. Fortunately for me, I have a maths 'guru' living with me, who was subjected to nightly assaults upon his ears whilst he tried to insert unwanted information into my 'mathematically' challenged brain. 
Did I mention?..I understand Binary & Hex!...Guru is very stubborn and has the patience of a saint!

I learned to harmonise to 'Simon & Garfunkel' songs. I can now harmonise to almost anything...

I can't eat food which still looks like it originally did while alive..So sorry, no seafood for me.

I prefer cheese to chocolate..

Members of the heavy metal band 'Iron Maiden' attended my & ex-hubbys wedding.

I now have to dye my eyebrows black, as otherwise they are nearly all white. I daren't look any further south..Aargh!

There you go, I think that's 10?...as I've just told you, maths is not my strong point.
I'm now supposed to pass it on to other bloggers.


  1. Very interesting...I also did a typing exam at school, an RSA grade 1, and as you say, it has stood me in very good stead over the years.

    Thanks for the tag, I'll enjoy this one!

  2. notSupermum: Actually, now you've mentioned it my typing exam may have been an RSA, just assumed it was a CSE, but RSA rings a bell, it was a very long time ago (1978!)

  3. I too took Typing and Shorthand! I actually went to competition with the shorthand (didn't fare too badly...) Needless to say, haven't had to use the shorthand at all since then but the typing (I believe they call it "keyboarding" now) definitely comes in handy on a daily basis....Man-Child is constantly amazed how I can talk and type at the same time.

  4. You are so sweet to tag me! Thanks so much.
    I took typing in grade 9 and then keyboarding in grade 10. They changed the name, but it was the same class! lol

    Here i smy list I posted of 25 items all about me. TMI for sure!

  5. I used to hate wearing slippers now i can't bear not too....I think the dog hairs on my feet would send me over the edge...it's the little things you see. ;0)
    I type with 2 fingers much to my childrens amusement who can all type properly even the 7 yr old!
    I can see you and Gigi getting on so well in 'real' life. Wouldn't it be lovely to all meet up one day. xxx

  6. I love to be barefoot but EBD has a foot phobia, and I sadly can only type with 2 fingers, I use my middle ones but I accept I'm quite weird.

  7. Oh Nova it would be fabulous for all of us to meet up - I think we'd all get along very, very well!

  8. haha I liked this blog post :D

    I did typing at school too - I managed to pass about 6 exams over 2 years - I didn't do CSE/GCE's though - we were the first year group to do GCSE's - 1988. I also went to Business College (part time) and that was a bit like a working class finishing school :D

    I can type "at the speed of light" too. And without looking. And with all my fingers, but NOT my left thumb!! You will know exactly what I mean by this :D

    I also understand Binary. God we're so sad hahahaha

  9. brightonmumteenageangst27 March 2010 at 23:45

    I do know exactly what you mean...not my left thumb either!. Only the right one for the space bar...'we was taught proper we was'..hehe.