19 March 2010

Yummy Feta & Chorizo Puff pastry Bake

I thought I would share my OHs simple and very delicious dish with you. In this house we have at least 3 of us who are seriously into cooking, so we do like to 'play' with food. 
I should add that this is not his own creation, I think he saw it on a cookery programme about a year ago, but he's tweeked it a bit. This serves 6.

1 Pack of Jus-Rol Puff pastry (2 x 340g)
2 packs of Feta cheese, thinly sliced.
Chorizo (or any ham/Deli/spiced style meats) thinly sliced.
OH decided to add leeks this time, sliced and gently cooked in extra virgin olive oil.
Large bag of fresh spinach.
Large roasting tray.

Pre-heat your oven to 150c. 
Grease the roasting tray. 

Divide the pastry into 3rds. 
Roll out and place the 1st layer of pastry in the base of the tray.
Cover the pastry with the sliced Feta, and add the cooked leeks on top of the cheese.
Place the 2nd layer of pastry on top of the cheese & leeks.
Add the sliced chorizo, to cover the pastry, then add a thick layer of spinach on top of the chorizo. If you want to make a veggie version, you could replace the meat with sun-dried tomatoes.
Finish off with the 3rd layer of pastry and brush with egg.

Chuck in the oven, 150c for about 20 minutes (low to make sure the feta melts before burning the pastry...Oops). Then turn it up to 200c for the last 10mins or so.

Slice and eat quickly, while trying not to burn your mouth *ahem* ouch, before everyone else finds it!  Must just add, it's really yummy cold too...


  1. Sounds like you guys would fit in fine here - hubby loves to cook and to talk about cooking. Me? Not so much - but I have been known to enjoy the results.....that looks yummy.

  2. That I have to try.

    Just as soon as I have worked out which one is the puff pastry in the supermarket.

    What is the Italian for Puff ?

  3. Gigi: yes, the 3 of us can talk about food forever! very boring if you're not into it. But hubby might like to make it, it is very simple to do.

    Sarah: Your Italian is infintely better than mine, but I googled it anyway. It came up with 'pasta sfoglia' but isnt that leaf or something??

    Chic Mama: One of bestest bits about this, is its really easy to make and if you have kids who are fussy with veggies you can 'hide' them in there! Not that I have that problem, my kids eat anything!

  4. Looks delicious! I LOVE chorizo, and everything tastes a thousand times better if you put it in puff pastry. Bookmarking to come back to at a later date!

  5. Looks yum, will give it a shot. Thanks.

  6. Looks delicious, I will have to try that recipe out! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Yum! Will be trying that one out. I hope you don't mind but I've tagged you with an award over at mine. I've followed you for quite a while and really enjoy your blog!