17 February 2010

BAD BAD Blogger! And thanks for the distraction!

So sorry! My lovely bloggy friends. I have been very, very distracted and absent, both with posting and with leaving comments recently. I have been reading your blogs, I promise, and I always intend to comment, but then my brain thoughts seem to lose their way, I then get distracted even more and start thinking of other things, and then forget where I was re commenting....:::sigh:::.
But the reading I can do. I find it distracts my mind for a while. So, thanks to you all for that.

There is so, so much information swirling around my head at the moment, I don't always seem to have the ability to compose much that makes any sense. Hey?!... I just wrote the previous sentences, so there must be something still working in there, right??

I wanted to write something to re-connect with everyone, so you all know I am still here, bobbing along in the Blogosphere, just not participating very much.

It's all been and is still being, very scary and unknown here concerning my OH, and I really don't want this space, my space, my sharing place, to only be about sad and scary things. So I've purposely not been posting much. Combine that with my inability to keep any thoughts in my head for any length of time, other than things to do with my OH, and you lot are not going to get anything worth reading, just a big pile of shite, probably! Which would be okay if it were creative and funny shite, but of course it wouldn't be....

Unfortunately (I'm sure I should mean fortunately, shouldn't I?!...Bad Mummy...*slap myself*) the Teens have all been behaving, well, erm...normally? So no gripping, funny or unfunny material to share with you from them.
Unless of course you count TD storming out of the house this afternoon.... "to get out of your hair"...... over macaroni cheese!

So, Many thanks for the distractions all you lovely bloggers... xxx


  1. Glad to be a distraction - had wondered about you. Yes, the teen in this house seems to be the source for a lot of my material....funny how upset they can get over "little" things - like mac and cheese.

    How is OH? What is being done? I know you don't want this to be all sad and scary - feel free to email me if you'd rather. You need to be able to vent, love.

  2. Hi Karen
    I've been thinking about you a lot but not wanted to pry....I guessed things were difficult and not great. Sometimes it's good to get out those fears and anger on paper- sometimes it doesn't, makes it all the more real.
    Anyway, you've no need to apologise. Look after yourself and like Gigi, you know where I am if you fancy a 'chat'. XXXX

  3. Gigi: thanks for the comment, and have just received your email..me vent..vent..vent...thank you so much xxx...Distraction is bliss!
    Also, OH has a blog, which he keeps up to date. His way of venting. Dates, facts & so on. It's http://killclive.blogspot.com/ or on my Blog List My battle with Clive much love xxx

    Chic Mama: Difficult and not great, YUP! Hope you're okay too? I have been reading. I have sent you an email, many thanks. And OH has a blog, see above...much love xxx

  4. Sorry things have not been good. It's hard to keep your head together when there are major life issues to sort.
    Your blog is yours to do with. There are no rules to say it has to be funny and entertaining all the time. If you want to use it as a space to release all that confusion in your head, then do it because you know all your friends and followers will be there to read sympathetically and then offer their comfort and support.
    Lecture over - look after you xx

  5. I have been thinking about you. I am glad you posted as I was thinking about messaging you but thought that might be a bit invasive, Lots of love and your family are in my prayers. Anna x

  6. LOL over Mac and cheese. My oldest is only 11, but I can see it comin! Hope things with the OH get better:)

  7. AuntieGwen: Thank you for your love...xxx

    Selina: I know, everyone here has been so lovely, with lots of comforting words. I just can't seem to find the words to make sense, without it coming over as badly written and just plain depressing. Much love & also thank you SO much for the comment over on my OHs blog...he was truly touched. xx

    Georges Mum: Thank you so much for thinking about us, and I wouldn't have found you messaging me invasive at all, I'm terrible at 'reaching out'. Thank you for your love & prayers. xx

    ModernMom: The Mac & cheese was a tantrum to behold, (it ended up in the bin!!) *blush* on both MY part and TDs! Tantrums all round. You're so right you see it comin..not long now.x

  8. Well real life takes over and you don't always have the energy or the right words to put keyboard to screen. I know, I have just gone through that. The great thing is we all understand that time out is needed so no need to apologise, an explanation is always enough.

    Hope all sorts itself out. OH's can be very very trying and it's a trial not to get a hit out on them! X

  9. I hope things take a ourse for the better for your family.
    Meantime I would like to say that I also don't blog enough or comment enough; but we can't beat ourselves to it; it would just add another pressure to our busy and sometimes difficult lives.

  10. I've missed you. I know sometimes though everyone goes through a phase of just not being able to make a sentence, I do all the time lol. Sometimes I think I should have a weather blog then at least I'd have fresh, current material everyday.;)
    Take care.