23 July 2010

I love it when others love it too!!

Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling when something you've made for someone is perfect? When they let you know that you got it spot on? I do. 
Making a commission item can be a daunting prospect. Have I understood properly? What if it's not quite what they expected when it arrives? Fortunately, so far, that's never happened, and I hope it never does! 
I try to make sure it never happens by asking lots of questions, being really nosy, and very specific. You DO want words? How many? Which words? What colours? Names? Dates...the list goes on. But it does make sure that everyone who has bought one of my  pictures has always got exactly what they asked for.
And that makes me one very happy lady...

The lovely Mary Poppins commissioned a small picture for her soon to be decorated bedroom. I did ask questions, but I know Mary from her blog, and know that she has a huge love of all things Cath Kidston, shabby chic, vintage, and anything Heart related. Check out her Folksy Store to have a look at all the pretty things she makes, particularly if you have little ones, as she makes the most gorgeous little personalised tee's, now I just need some little people to buy them for, mine now all being in the 6ft and above range!

So will admit, it was one of my easier commissions to complete. But I still held my breath until I heard back from her.

So, if you're considering having a commissioned item from me, please, you have been warned, be prepared for the 3rd degree! I promise I'll try to be very gentle with you xXx
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