12 October 2009

Teenagers and Midnight Snacks....

All teenagers are infamous for their ability to clear fridges & cupboards of food at 20 paces, of all the good stuff anyway! And I'm convinced, even sometimes in their sleep.

Around Midnight last night, my 18 yr old Gorgeous Son decided a little snack was in order.

Just hours after eating a 'Huge' bowl of pasta and sauce.

Now let me guess what you're thinking? 'Beans on toast', a classic, or maybe mountains of 'Toast & Peanut Butter', or the favourite 'sausage rolls or scotch eggs'* combo which of course require no preparation or heating/cooking, also no plate, you know, get in & out fast, commando style....

Oh, but as a bit of a give away, don't forget to leave the
empty packaging in the fridge....

Well, you would be wrong.....

This is what my Gorgeous Son chose as his Midnight snack......


Honestly! SALAD....

This made me smile......

Please, don't be fooled into thinking it's a cereal bowl, ooohh no, it is a large, dinner plate size bowl!

It consists of the left over penne pasta, drenched in extra virgin olive oil, a tin of tuna, shredded lettuce & sliced baby plum tomatoes, all sprinkled with oregano & black pepper. Topped with half a container of coleslaw. I know this because he proudly told me!

He works in the Music industry, but I think he may have missed his calling.....should I send him Jamies (Oliver) way??..He-he

I suppose it could be seen as the 'Healthy Option' of midnight snacking....

*Scotch Egg: For people who may have no idea of what this rather strange, old fashioned English Picnic food is - It's a hard boiled egg, surrounded in pork sausage meat, dipped in breadcrumbs, deep-fried then eaten cold.


  1. Oops sorry..I forgot some people might not know. A hard boiled egg, surrounded with pork sausage meat, covered in breadcrumbs, cooked & then eaten cold. An old fashioned English picnic type food.

  2. Ok, I'm not a cook by any means - but how do you get the sausage to stay wrapped around the egg??

  3. Scotch eggs .... YUM

    That is a very healthy midnight snack. My stepteenager would go straight for the pizza and biscuits.

    The younger two love salad and vegetables so there is hope yet!

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  5. Thanks so much, I think I understand it a bit better now. You learn something everyday!

  6. Gigi: I didn't know, as I've never actually made them, only shop bought! so I looked it up for you. Seems its just sort of 'squeezing' it into shape. I must admit they are one of my many guilty sins, I love them! Heres a link (no pun intended!) to a scotch egg recipe to make it a little clearer.


  7. Oops, don't know what happened there, one minute my comment was there, then it told me I'd removed it...huh?? You should try a scotch egg, they are yummy..

  8. Aww, what a proud mum you must be. They turning up all right at the other end. :)

  9. Good on him! I didn't see my step-son's eat anything remotely healthy like that, at least not so far. I used to make scotch eggs - so easy to do and very yummy. Great stuff for picnic's.

  10. What is it with teenagers needing to eat all the time, especially after the kitchen has closed - ie when i've gone to bed. I think my son goes down several times a night!
    Wish you hadn't started on about scotch eggs, I've got a severe craving now ....

  11. Ju: I am very proud. At least when he flies the nest, I know he will be able to put together a 'meal' of sorts, & be a little healthy. He does eat junk as well though! But this was just what he fancied that night. And he has always LOVED his tuna & Pasta.

    MOB: I was quite impressed, which was why I took the photo. I think I may have to have a go at making scotch eggs, they are VERY yummy.

    Selina: Oh I know!! They are constantly eating, even just after dinner. And I do often hear the toaster popping after I've gone to bed. Mmmmm?...'a severe craving for scotch eggs?' just read your latest post....

  12. Wow! I think he needs to talk to my 15 year old on healthy midnight snacks....it seems if food isn't glued down here, it mysteriously disappears. He has inherited my chocolate obsession.
    BTW- I absolutely love scotch eggs too.

  13. Ooh I haven't had a scotch egg since primary school lunches! Quite fancy one now.
    Good on your lad making healthy choices.
    btw my kids leave the empty wrappers in the fridge too, drives me nuts.;)