13 January 2011

Help in Channel 4 'Parents & Teens' series. Participants...Interested?

I've received an email from a Brighton based company wanting to find Parents and Teens who might be interested in taking part in a new channel 4 series. 
They would be dealing with the issues of drugs, sex and alcohol using expert advice, to help and encourage opening up discussions between Parents and Teens. 

Until you have Teens in the house, and I'm on number four now, you don't realise how even the simplest of conversations can spiral out of control and end up with nothing of any use being discussed, understood or resolved!

'Essentially we are looking for parents who might be worried about what their teen is getting up to, they want to talk to them about it but find it hard to know what to say. Or, teenagers who are experimenting and want to help their parents understand their point of view more.'

They're on a very tight deadline and are trying to find families to take part in the next week or so. I'm not personally taking part in it, but wanted to post it here, for any Bloggy Parents who feel they'd be interested in participating. If you are, and for more information please contact Sue Edwards directly, using her details below.

Sue Edwards
Assistant Producer
01273 224800

*This NOT a sponsored post - I'm just sharing it for anyone who may be interested*
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