15 September 2009

Everyone has a junk drawer in the kitchen..What's in yours?

My ex-hubby posted an interesting 'status' on Facebook this morning.

'Everyone of us has a junk drawer in the kitchen. I have a hot water bottle and 3 amp fuse. What do you have in yours?'

The 'hot water bottle' made me laugh, but then, well, where do you keep a hot water bottle?

So I thought it might be time to take a peek in mine. Let the listing begin....

Erm...er...I do have a small confession to make.....

I don't actually have a junk drawer.

Now, don't you think that makes me sound like the most amazingly tidy, organised, uncluttered owner of a kitchen ever???

Oh no, no, if only it were that simple. I don't have a 'Junk' drawer in my kitchen...

...because I have a full height, floor to ceiling, double doored 'junk'
CUPBOARD in my kitchen.

Admittedly, it does contain some little wooden drawers (maybe that counts), sitting on one shelf holding;
Pens, pencils, staples. fuses, batteries, birthday candles. All the tiny bits & bobs that would roll away forever if put on shelves.

The remaining cupboard space is filled with;
Printer paper
Spare birthday cards
Light bulbs
Old candles
Bags of hamster bedding & hamster ball (Yes, we do have a hamster, before you ask)
Takeaway menus
3 out of date passports
3 old instruction manuals for things I don't think I own anymore
Bottles of brush cleaner (how many???)
9 (yes, 9) old paint brushes, in a container, still covered in rock hard paint (I obviously haven't figured out I need to use the above item)
5 (!) all but empty school geometry sets
3 nearly empty tubes of wrapping paper
A box full of odd IKEA fittings
1 tube of multi-vitamins
1 small tube of extra volume hair conditioner! Huh?..no one in this house needs bigger hair
A dust buster
A blow torch
1 hot water bottle..Ha-ha, that's where it is!

There is much, much more....But I feel the need to go and have a little lie down now.

So, the question is 'What's in your junk drawer?'


  1. Hello!

    I just noticed you as a follower and I'm SO pleased as it means I have now found you!! I love your blog and will be back often.

    As for the junk drawer question, I've realised I have one in nearly every room. That isn't good. I feel some major clearing out is coming over me. I'll be up till 3 now and it will be your fault!!


  2. Selina. Thank you for your lovely comment. I found your blog today & I'm very pleased I did. I love it! Very honestly written and I spent alot of the afternoon reading it. Which of course should have been spent clearing out the 'Junk'..Oops!...Looks like I may be up as late as you!
    And I will be visiting your blog again, to read some more.

  3. Ahem...cough...shuffle...shuffle - don't have a junk drawer...have a junk handbag though. Does that count?

  4. MT: Oh god, now I feel like a slob..Where do you put all your junk!!! No,no don't tell me, let me guess, it's ALL in your handbag...Haha! I think that only partly counts, so now you'll have to go and dump all the junk into a drawer..go now, go on, find a drawer, off you go....
    Thanks about the blog xxx

  5. I have a junk house. Too many items to list Lx

  6. OMG just have to mention that the word veri was "behappi" !!!

    Now that is a sign I like Lx

  7. Family affairs...to be fair my house is a bit like that, but I just stuck to the 'cupboard'....the rest of it is just too scary!