3 September 2009

16th Birthday... plus EXAM results!

Thank god the waiting for GCSE results is over!

TD got her results on her 16th birthday. A birthday lunch for TD and a friend was planned, to which I was invited (Erm... of course...I was paying!!) at a lovely little cafe in Brighton known for its 'Grunge' appeal & the music played, but with a wonderful selection of food. Followed by a 'smallish' gathering of her friends at home in the evening. I was a little concerned in the run up, that it was either going to be a wonderful day, full of celebration, fun & good cheer, as any birthday should be, or a day spent consoling upset/angry Teenagers about grades just missed/not achieved

A feeling not helped by the fact that TD had originally stated at the end of her exams, that they had 'gone quite well', which as summer wore on, changed to 'Well, I think Music/Media/Drama went OK, but think I screwed up Science/Maths...' and by the day before the results, had morphed into 'I think I failed all of them!'. So I was a little confused about what to expect. But I did know that I was determined not to let any 'results' spoil her birthday.

So with TDs presents/card opening in the morning all done, we set off to TDs school to get her results. Picking up a friend on the way, who was also nervously saying 'I think I did OK at...but...Oh GOD!!'.... so on. I did my best to chat merrily(!) away, to try and keep their nerves at bay (or maybe mine..?!).

I parked up, and off they trooped. And it struck me, sitting in the car park, watching TD walking in, to get her 'achievements' of 11 years worth of schooling, that this was the END as I know it! My last child to leave compulsory education! I did have a 'flashback' moment, to her first day of school, a definite 'gooey mummy'' moment. A tiny, only just 4 year old, clutching my hand & skipping beside me. In her little school uniform, new school shoes, her hair in bunches with blue ribbons and a gap toothed grin, and a new, 'big' school adventure in front of her. Such a huge difference. And thought 'I really don't mind what grades you get'

Then, there they were, standing on the steps with their little brown envelopes and slips of paper. I was trying to read TDs face, to gauge her reaction, but with so many teenagers milling about, I couldn't see her properly. With that, my brand new (1 day old) phone warbled at me, so I'm sitting in the car trying to watch TD, also trying to figure out how the hell to open/read the text that someone has sent me at such a crucial moment. Realising I'm never going to be able to read the text
(I really must change the font size, its far too small, nothing to do with my eyesight! ha) , I finally figure out its from TD! I phone her. 'I got 4 Cs, 5 Ds and an unfortunate G'. I'm still sitting in the car, she's still standing on the steps, we're talking on the phone!

So off to lunch. All happy, me mainly relieved for TD, no unhappy moments on a 16th Birthday. TDs friend calculating how much money she'd made by getting her grades (alot I might add...in the £500s(!?)). We had a lovely, giggly lunch, then home to get ready for a houseful of Teenagers.

TD had a great evening, all her friends were, and I'm not sure you will believe this, extremely well behaved, even with the small amount of alcohol we allowed them. Lots of dancing around the kitchen, VERY loud music(!), and loads of silly photos taken.

So, all in all a very good day...oh and by the way, TD got her 'septum' pierced on the same day...there's nothing quite like seeing your 'baby' girl, with what looks like a staple stuck through her nose to put any concerns of 'Exam Results' in their proper place!!!


  1. Gosh...it really does pass by so fast doesn't it? Your memories of TD's first day at school were touching...yes, she must have been so small having literally just turned 4. Bless her. Glad she had a great birthday and got the results she wanted. A piercing through the septum makes me shudder a bit though - must have been so painful...is she pleased with it? What about you? xxx

  2. It does pass by so quickly! Yet oddly feels like only yesterday. As for the piercing, she's much happier with it than I am! It really does look like a 'staple', but she can flip it 'up' so it can't be seen. I didnt actually go into the room with her (couldnt bear the thought of it!) a friend went in with her. There were tears streaming down her face when she came out, but think that was just a physical reaction, as she said it wasn't too bad. Just think, you have all this to come...xx