19 August 2009

Why is it never simple...

All I want are some gorgeous, custom made, stylish (I'm thinking white... maybe???) kitchen splash backs. I have hankered after these for a while. All through the hammering, banging and scraping involved in removing a 1970s', yes honestly, a genuine 70's MFI kitchen, plus matching brown & beige tiles, on walls and floor, I envisaged smooth, glossy glass behind our lovely wooden worktops. Very grown up. All the lovely new Ikea units are now fitted, by both myself and my Other Half. At this point I must say I was inordinately pleased with myself, as by the end of putting all the units together, I didnt need the instructions..YAY go me....unfortunately my Other Half never has! So that was a rather short lived euphoria. All the lovely shiny appliances are in situ. It has taken us about 10 months...is it really that long?.. to get to this point, but it has been all our own work.

So last Friday we set off to a local glass shop and arranged for a man who knows about these things to come and measure, he will be arriving on Thurs (tomorrow...eeek!!).

Well, we already knew we (Can I say we...?) would have to move a couple of electric sockets first.

Simple you think....

OH: 'Not a problem, shouldn't take too long, just channel a b...' sorry but that's about where I think I stopped concentrating (listening?...of course I am) I was obviously distracted by my mounting excitement about glass splash backs....But I did get the gist.

Then we remembered I had purchased some very snazzy looking 'underlights' for the cabinets...
all with cables...of course! So yesterday & today has been spent with OH hacking away at bits of wall to re-channel cables, and having to remove said kitchen units to feed cables everywhere! My lovely kitchen looked like it had gone back 8 months. Dust everywhere, units on the floor, tools in piles on every surface, you get the picture. I do know the end result will be worth it and its only a case of clearing up, but why oh why is nothing simple?!

And of course there's been no mention of the Teenagers. That's because they were all completely happy with the fact that the kitchen was out of commission and they got a fish & chip supper, on their laps round the TV! RESULT!!


  1. Ha ha. So when do they start helping then?? Is it after they leave home? Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen... xx

  2. Oh, Ha ha...MT, Teenagers don't 'help' they just complain about the dust!..and continually ask 'when's dinner??'