20 August 2009

It is a MINT plant...HONEST!

Having Teenagers can make me say the most ridiculous things, and I'm not sure why. If you have Teenagers then I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

Dinner this evening, surprisingly, had most of us sitting down to eat at the same time. This is something of a rarity nowadays...(small sob...). Only Large Son was missing. Medium Son & Small Son, plus Medium Son's fairly new girlfriend, my OH, Teenage Daughter and myself.

Now if your home is anything like mine, things get dumped all over the place, and left there for weeks at a time, despite my constant reminders.... until I'm boring even myself.... of course in Teenage speak read 'NAG' followed by the eye roll...any wonder no one listens to me anymore!

.....and unfortunately the kitchen table is definitely one of those dumping places.

Currently on my kitchen table are the following:

1 Large wooden fruit bowl, fruit included.
1 Sketchbook (OK...I admit that one is mine..and yes I will move it!).
1 Copper Mongolian Hotpot, and various implements, which allegedly go with said Hotpot.
1 Water saving gadget/gizmo that came in the post.
1 Monkey Jeans Label (Quite cute, but...huh?).
1 Mint plant.

As and when needs demand, the accumulated crap is shoved to one side to enable people to sit and have room to eat.

We were tucking into a lovely (!) Chicken Korma, when Medium Son asks...

'Is that a Mint plant?'

...despite that fact it has a big label saying 'MINT' on it....to be fair it does also say MUNT MINZE MENTA having been bought by OH at LIDL.

'Yes'.....I say...'but it does also say MUNT MINZE ME...'

Teenage Daughter interrupting loudly: 'I thought you said MINGE...?' this from a girl who is mortified, and yes I mean MORTIFIED, by discussing anything relating to the female body! (that's a whole other post! or several)

While I tried to stop Chicken Korma leaving my nose, TD caught my eye...

TD: 'What..??'

Me: 'I was just wondering what a 'MINGE' plant would look like..?'

TD: 'Muuum....!!!!'

Just in time for me to look over and see OH with a whimsical look, a twinkle in his eye and a raised eyebrow...

.....I'm definitely NOT clearing that from the kitchen table!

Oh, and do you think we made a good impression on MS's fairly new girlfriend???


  1. Ha! Made me laugh - sounds just like my table...kids are with their dad this week so I took the opportunity to 'tidy-up'... I filled 2 black sacks with crap/rubbish/general shite from my front room, whilst drinking a large glass of merlot and watching Total Wipeout. Multi tasking at it's best...and cheaper that a weekend at a spa and miles more theraputic!! And thanks for your comment on my blog - will pop over to you regularly for a visit!! M X

  2. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad I'm not the only person with a Table like that, or any surface really! I think I will try the 'Merlot + black sack therapy, much cheaper than a spa. Do you think I can use a couple of bottles of 'Bud' though, as I don't drink wine?! And I'll be visiting your blog lots, as it makes me laugh..alot!