19 April 2011

Contents of my Fridge...Really?

I have been well and truly tagged by the lovely Chris at Thinly Spread. I am currently trying to think up a suitable punishment, the naughty step or time out isn't doing it for me on this one.

The meme is to take a photo of the contents of my fridge and to also list the contents. And, yes, I'm doing it, don't judge me too harshly. Good luck being able to see anything in there, it's a feat of engineering to get all that in, and don't even think of moving anything once it's full. The contents have a regular habit of 'jumping' out at you...

Top shelf:
2 x Mature cheddar cheese. 2 x 2 pack of Steak slices. Takeaway Chicken Korma & pilau rice. 3 pots of yoghurt. Jar of horseradish. Jar of Mint sauce. Jar of Branston. Coleslaw. Large pot of houmous.
2nd shelf:
Bottle of Honey & Mustard dressing. Multipack of yoghurts. 6 pack of sausage rolls. Pack of 18 pork sausages. 
3rd shelf:
Container of Greek salad. Apple juice. Ready made sticky pudding. Box 12 eggs. Garlic bread. Takeaway naan bread. 
Bottom shelf: 
More yoghurts. Green beans, Mange tout, Celery, Cucumber, spinach, mushrooms. Ready made lasagne (so shoot me). Squeezy bottles of mayo and salad cream. 2 packs of raspberries. 
2 x 4 pints semi skimmed, Orange juice, 2 packs of spreadable butter. Mini pots of houmous, 3 packs of cream cheese, 1 pack of Boursin, 2 errant eggs. 2 packs feta cheese, pack of butter, parmasan, 1 & 1/2 packs of mature cheddar.
Left drawer:
1 Bag pre-prepared salad, Bag of rocket, bag of salad tomatoes, 1/2 iceberg lettuce, more leftover Greek salad.
Right drawer:
2 packs of sliced chicken breast, 2 packs turkey breast, 4 packs sliced ham, 1 pack garlic sausage, 2 packs smoked bacon, 1 pack salami. 3 packs of smoked gammon.

Phew...that's it.
I'm supposed to tag people now, but I'm exhausted! 
Feel free to jump in and do the meme if you haven't already been tagged...
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