2 October 2010

A celebration of love...Our Wedding Day..

I know I've not been around a lot recently. That's just the way it is. I've had much more serious issues to deal with, and as much as I enjoy blogging, I have not had the time, energy or the heart to put into words the fierce depth of emotions and heartache I'm experiencing. So I'm not going to, not right now, the time's not right. It maybe at some point in the future, but just not yet.

So instead, I'm going to share with you my wonderful Wedding Day!
On Wednesday the 22nd September I married the man I love, the man who loves me.

It was something we had been talking about for a little while, but had never quite got around to arranging and then, unfortunately, circumstances changed quickly and dramatically, and it truely was a case of now or possibly never.
I had a very in depth phone conversation with a lovely lady, Linda, at the Brighton Registry Office, and an Emergency Marriage was discussed. 
Did you even know they could do that? I didn't, till then.
And in some cases they can do everything all in the one day, within hours? Bringing everything to you, the Notice of Marriage, which normally then takes 15 days before you can marry, followed by the Ceremony straight away. Who knew? Linda did!

She was wonderful, talking & walking me through the whole process.

I arranged a Medical Statement from my GP which I collected on the Tuesday afternoon and took down to the Registry Office, along with our birth certificates and passports.
All the details were arranged there and then, with a slight panicky hiccup, as the lovely letter the GP wrote wasn't quite correct, although very sweet, it didn't have the correct wording, which was essential to obtain the Emergency Marriage License.
No problem, Linda phoned my GP, with me still there, and talked her through re-writing it, word for word. I then had to run off and collect the re-written letter, while Linda waited for me (I told you she was wonderful!).

With all the paperwork complete, we arranged for a 6pm, at home, ceremony the following day.

We also, on the Tuesday evening managed to give each of our six children a role of their own during the ceremony. Our two eldest were to be our witnesses, our two youngest were to hold the rings and pass them over at the appropriate time, and our two middle children 'gave' me away.

It was at this point it hit me, I had a wedding to organise with only 24 hours notice!
Guess what? I discovered that's what Mums are for...
My Mum was outstandingly amazing, she switched into overdrive for me. Giving me 'actual' written lists of things to get, in the right order (trust me, my brain was NOT engaged most of the time) organising all the children into a rota of cleaning, hoovering, tidying, balloon blowing/hanging, even window cleaning and gardening, generally being useful and probably coming over as somewhat bossy (well, to be honest I know she did, as a couple of people took offence and actually made a few remarks...Huh? Do I care? Tough shit!) to everyone but those who love her and understood her motivation. Whatever the circumstances, it was her Daughter & Son-in-law to be's Wedding Day, and it would be a happy, joyful and as perfect a day as she could help make it.

My husband to be insisted on wedding rings, so we had to search our local jewellery stores for the right sizes, as they only stock one size of each ring, so that was a bit hit & miss. But we got there.

By the afternoon, at 4pm, I was still whizzing round Asda, finishing the shopping for Wedding food and...erm..oh yes, something to wear! Well, it was on the list...

My Mum, step-dad, and the children had all decided, that as Hubby-to-be would be wearing his dressing gown, they would all be joining in the fun and wearing their bedroom attire too. In fact #2 son, due to a lack of actual pajamas, ended up wearing his grandma's bright pink, covered in sheep, many sizes too small pair of PJs..very fetching.

One of the many very special moments of the day was that an old friend of ours, a registrar, was able to conduct the ceremony for us, leaving Linda to deal with the paperwork, signing the register and so forth. That made it so beautifully intimate and relaxed, plus the fact it was held in our own living room, with family (suitably attired in PJs!) and lovely friends that were able to make it at such short notice.
I was concerned beforehand that it could possibly turn into a sad and wistful type of event, not a happy and joyful celebration as any wedding should be, but that wasn't the case, not at all. 
It was a true celebration of our deep love for each other, and a wonderful, beautiful day to remember, by everyone.
So I can now offically stop saying OH on this blog, and very proudly, with love, say 'My Husband'...

 The wonderful Linda, who stayed for a quick 'toast' ...xx
 The In-laws, bride and groom.

The most amazing friends, ever. (including our friend, the man who 'married' us, on the left, minus his tie, as it's party time!)...oh, plus our cat Hendrix, who obviously thought standing on top of the shed was a very good photo op...

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